‘There has been greater risk to patient health,’ attorney says | Guam News

An official from the Guam Memorial Hospital Authority told The Guam Daily Post that withholding information from the public about the multiple instances of “unauthorized access” to the hospital’s network was a strategic move to protect its patients – despite clear concerns raised by GMH nurses that the move put patients’ lives at risk.

“GMHA has maintained the same level of excellent care to our patients during this situation. It has been more challenging, but our staff has risen to that challenge. None of our services have been shut down as a result of the situation. Our health care partners have been tremendous and provided their support wherever needed so that no services were affected,” Cindy Hanson, GMH spokesperson, said Tuesday.

However, in an audio recording the Post obtained of a town hall meeting among GMH Administrator Lillian Posadas, legal counsel Jeremiah Luther and GMH staff, including nurses, that occurred a week after the breach, nurses on the front line were adamant in trying to get the message across to the administration that patient care was compromised by the network shutdown in response to what GMH initially identified as “breaches.”

“How unsafe our practices have been in the last seven days, I don’t think that you guys are understanding that, because there are so many minute things that could have gone wrong – that are wrong – in our practices in the last seven days in the condition that we were working under. If you were in our shoes, you would say no security breach is more important than this patient’s life,” one nurse said with frustration in her voice.

Another nurse heard in the recording, who said she had over 20 years experience in more than 50 hospitals, was appalled at how GMH handled the breach.

“This is the

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