Trademark Attorney Ticora Davis Shares What Business Owners Should Do To Protect Their Intellectual Property

With every passing day, there seems to be a different story about intellectual property being stolen, co-opted, and capitalized upon. In every industry, there is evidence of this phenomenon, but one could argue that it’s more pervasive and prevalent when it comes to the Black community. More discussions need to be had about how the contributions of Black Americans throughout history have often been denied, ignored, and erased. To elucidate how this has manifested in present-day, Ticora Davis, Esq. sat down to discuss her work as a business and trademark attorney, and the ways that everyone can protect their business by securing their intellectual property.

Janice Gassam Asare: Ticora, could you share a little bit about yourself for the Forbes readers who are not familiar with you?

Ticora Davis: Sure. I’m attorney Ticora Davis, I’m the founder and managing attorney at The Creator’s Law Firm. I launched The Creator’s Law Firm in 2017, sometime after being fired from a previous law firm. I was let go was because I became a new mom and the supervising attorney felt that my commitment to being a good lawyer would interfere with my commitment to being a great lawyer. That was cited for his reason for letting me go. But that really birthed in me this commitment and this drive to continue to serve entrepreneurs and small business owners within my purpose, especially Black women and mothers who are really trying to establish brands so that they can have the flexibility and the freedom that they desire to live the life that they

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