I’m a car expert and here are six ways to save on your insurance – and why driving less can cost you more

CAR experts have shared six top tips on how Brits can save money on car insurance, including how driving less can actually cost you more.

Industry insiders from One Sure Insurance say that people all over the country are overpaying for their plan, especially in the context of a cost of living crisis.

Experts have revealed six top tips for cheaper car insurance


Experts have revealed six top tips for cheaper car insuranceCredit: Getty

While some factors in insurance prices, like age and driving experience, are out of motorist’s control, One Sure have recommended six tips which could help road users save money.

One surprising tip is not to set your mileage too low when applying for a plan.

While it seems common sense that less driving means a lower risk of accidents and so would be cheaper, insurers actually see it the other way around.

Setting expected mileage too low can leave you paying more as you’re insurer will class you as a high-risk driver because you aren’t getting enough experience on the road.

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Getting a black box fitted to allow insurers to track your driving is another great way to save money.

Often, insurers will offer cheaper plans with a black box, as well as incentives and rewards for safe driving.

This is a great option for newer drivers because it means they are charged based on their driving behaviour, rather than how insurers predict they will drive.

Paying your insurance annually in one lump sum can also save hundreds of pounds a year.

When the plan is paid monthly, insurers add monthly premiums on each payment.

This can increase drivers‘ annual bill by up to 30%, so it’s much better to pay up front if you can afford it.

Drivers are also advised to give themselves at least two weeks to get on a

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