JLR boss says insurers are ‘clearly not using data’ as prices for cars skyrocket

Whilst Adrian admitted that, as a company, Jaguar Land Rover needs to work on improving the security of their models, he highlighted that the situation is continuously getting better.

In particular, he stated that, out of the 45,200 examples produced since 2019, only 134 new-generation Land Rover Defenders have been reported stolen.

Nevertheless, the Range Rover Sport was still the fifth most stolen model of 2023, with 1,631 being taken by thieves.

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To fight the criminals, Jaguar Land Rover launched a new security system at the end of 2023, which helps to prevent thieves gaining entry by using a fake keyless fob.

Whilst the technology is new, the company has noted that the feature can be implemented on some older models, with some dealers already making contact with owners.

Motorists were also advised to download the ‘Land Rover Remote’ app to their smartphone and activate the ‘Guardian Mode’ feature to monitor any activity surrounding the car.

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