Clark, Conway face off for Rockingham County attorney job | News


Portsmouth, Democrat

Ages: 50

Profession: Attorney

What do you believe you would bring to the office should you be elected?First and foremost — integrity. I’m running for Rockingham County attorney to bring transparency and integrity to an office that has been plagued by scandal and controversy since Pat Conway was elected.

I spent the past 15 years practicing law, and I’m a legal crusader for every person in Rockingham County. I’m not a politician or a lawyer that is seeking personal gain. Before law I was a contractor.

I’m running not just for Democrats, but for everyone in Rockingham County. I will ensure that every person receives the legal and ethical due process they deserve that we are not getting.

What are key issues for you?I’m a strong advocate for family and criminal law reform. Laws in New Hampshire are outdated, limit transparency, lack accountability and injure our families. I will run the office while working with the New Hampshire legislature to see these laws are updated and simplified to minimize the requirement of lawyers.

Our present Rockingham County attorney is unethical, lacks transparency, accountability and used the position for self-benefit and I will change that. I will fight corruption, governmental failures, loss of women’s rights and old outdated laws from a century ago that continue to hurt us. Integrity can return to Rockingham County.

Patricia Conway

Patricia Conway


Atkinson, Republican

Ages: 51

Profession: Rockingham County Attorney

What do you believe you would bring to the office should you be elected?With over two decades of prosecutorial experience as a circuit court prosecutor, an assistant county attorney for 16 years and your Rockingham County attorney for eight years, I have a proven track record of leadership, professionalism and integrity.

I prosecuted and litigated thousands

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