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Loyal Statutes of Liberty reader(s) know that we at the Law Office of James Montana PLLC are not always pleased with how the various immigration agencies interpret the law.

For example, we recently talked about the bonkers way that US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) dealt with certain immigrants who returned to the United States after a brief trip abroad with a travel permit.

But we write with great news! USCIS has finally decided to reinterpret not only one, but TWO important pieces of the law, both in favor of our clients!

First, let’s start with the previously discussed travel permit issue. Under an administrative decision called Matter of ZRZC-USCIS began to reject legal entries using a travel permit for certain green card applicants who have Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Many TPS beneficiaries originally entered the United States illegally to flee horrendous conditions in their home country. Thus, even after the TPS holder traveled with a permit and reentered the United States legally using a travel permit, USCIS said that the TPS holder was “reverted back” to their prior status at their original entry.

This meant that despite the more recent legal entry, the TPS holder was still considered to have last entered the country unlawfullywhich ruined their chances of applying for a green card.

But this position has now been totally reversed! USCIS announced that it has rescinded Matter of

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