UK regions where drivers pay the most for car insurance revealed – where does your area rank?

MOTORISTS are paying drastically different prices for their car insurance depending on where they live in the UK.

New data has revealed that Londoners are forking out nearly double the lowest amount that some Brits pay to be insured on the roads.

The cheapest area to insure yourself on the roads has been revealed


The cheapest area to insure yourself on the roads has been revealedCredit: Getty

Insurance comparison platform Quotezone shared the huge regional differences in car insurance across the nation.

Premiums in the capital almost top out at £800, nearly double the £400 a year average in the south west of England.

Across the UK as a whole drivers paid an average of £548 for their annual motor insurance policy. 

But regions comprising large rural spaces generally enjoy lower premiums than those that include large cities, where road accidents and car thefts are statistically more likely to occur.

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Drivers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all paid less than the UK average at just £500 a year for their car insurance.

However, motorists in regions such as the North West and West Midlands, which are largely made up of highly populated urban areas, both paid more than £630 a year on average.

As well as the likelihood of accidents and thefts, cities and densely populated urban areas generally have a younger population – which a factor that drives up premiums for all motorists in the area.

Higher average car values also bumps up insurance costs even further, which is especially true in the capital.

After crunching the numbers on a sample of over 1,000 policies, London came out the clear winner in the race to be the most expensive place in the UK to insure a vehicle.

In second place was the north west of England at just over £634, while the West Midlands came in at

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