Attorney Recruiting Strategies For Startup Firms

Well-established Fortune 500 companies have large, complex legal functions that most people view as a “traditional” team structure. For startups, trying to develop a new legal team in the same way could be a recipe for disaster – and furthermore, be misaligned with the organization’s cultural and business goals. While there is no right or wrong approach to legal structure, there are a few factors that may be valuable for startups to consider in building their legal team.

Tip #1. See Your Company from a Candidate’s Perspective

At the outset of your search, it’s of course important to know the characteristics of a lawyer most likely to thrive in a startup and in its culture. However, it is equally important for startups to bear in mind the characteristics of a lawyer most likely to want this type of opportunity, such as those who are entrepreneurial by nature and interested in doing cutting-edge work.

To find the right fit? Focus on what’s in it for them. Too often, hiring managers don’t see it from this perspective. They’re sitting at their desk thinking, “Why wouldn’t a candidate want to come here? I made the decision to come here and know it’s way better than working for a large multinational conglomerate. What’s not to like about a startup that is trying to change the world?”

Instead, you should take stock of what your startup can offer candidates, alongside what legal skillsets and experiences you need to bring your company to the next level. Attracting the best talent requires looking at jobs through the lens of a candidate with many options. For example, if your company is five years old and has never had in-house counsel, you should think about what your startup has to offer to a top candidate, such as the opportunity

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