Violent crime rose during Shapiro’s stint as attorney general; Vote Mastriano

I recently read an article about Josh Shapiro’s promises to Pennsylvania.

The article tells us that Shapiro is “focused on reducing violent crime,” but it neglects to tell us that Shapiro currently holds the Attorney General position in Pennsylvania, which is responsible for reducing the violent crime in Pennsylvania, but during Shapiro’s tenure as AG, violent crime has only been increasing in Pennsylvania. Attorney General Josh Shapiro is not doing his job to decrease violent crime, so what make anyone think his gubernatorial campaign on reducing violent crime is anything more than empty promises?

The Wolf administration, of which Shapiro is an integral part, is responsible for high unemployment, thanks to Wolf’s draconian COVID-19 policies, enforced by Josh Shapiro’s AG office. So many businesses have shut down. Thank Wolf and his AG, Josh Shapiro. COVID has certainly not gone away — only the businesses.

Out-of-control inflation is thanks to oil shortages which are damaging the supply chain, thus causing prices to go up for all products, especially necessities like food. As Doug Mastriano well knows, Pennsylvania is sitting on more natural gas than Saudi Arabia. Pennsylvania could be as rich as Texas, but thanks to rules and regulations implemented by the Wolf administration, of which Shapiro is an integral part, fracking in Pennsylvania is severely limited, and our state is losing population. Indeed we lost an entire congressional seat. I blame the Wolf administration, of which Shapiro is an integral part.

But the most laughable allegation this article made is that Shapiro “supports increased funding for law enforcement.” Indeed, the infamous Larry Krasner, District Attorney of Philadelphia, falls under the purview of Shapiro’s Attorney General Office. These two men overlap. No one has done more to increase crime in Philadelphia than has Larry Krasner. Perhaps Philadelphia’s murder rate does not

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