Best Esthetician Insurance Companies of 2022

NACAMS ASCP The Hartford Next Beauty & Bodywork Three Insurance
AM Best A+ A- A+ A- A+ A++
Complaints Far fewer than expected Fewer than expected Far fewer than expected Far fewer than expected Far fewer than expected More than expected
property insurance No Yes Yes Yes Limited Yes
Online purchases Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Billing options Monthly Quarterly 10 monthly payments Monthly with two payments upfront Annually Monthly
Aggregate limits $3 million $6 million Varieties Varieties $3 million $10 million
Occurrence/Claims-made Occurrence Occurrence Both Both Claims-made Claims-made

Occurrence form policies are preferred because they offer more protection. If a client were to bring a lawsuit against you after your policy expires, you wouldn’t be covered under a claims-made policy, even if the incident occurred while you had insurance coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Esthetician Insurance?

The best esthetician insurance for you will depend on your coverage needs. A good policy will include professional and general liability insurance, but you may also need additional coverage, such as commercial auto or business personal property coverage. When choosing an insurance company, make sure the coverage you need is offered.

All else being equal, you should choose an occurrence form policy over a claims-made policy, since a claims-made policy can leave you vulnerable to lawsuits brought after your policy expires. But if you have budget concerns or need coverages not offered by occurrence form companies, you may ultimately select a claims-made policy.

The best esthetician insurance for you will also depend on where you work and whether you have employees. Some policies follow you wherever you work, while others require a permanent business location. And if you have employees, you’ll likely need to choose a company that offers workers’ compensation insurance.

What Kind of Insurance Does an Esthetician

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