‘Simply doing the job’ – ex-Prince William County elections director seeks donations for legal defense

A former Culpeper County voter registrar is opening up about her recent indictment in Prince William County for alleged misconduct in the 2020 election, and defending herself.

Michele White, Prince William’s elections director from 2015 to 2021, said in a phone interview Friday with the Culpeper Star-Exponent that she is not sure what is going on, referencing “ambiguous” charges against her.

She called the indictment “very politically motivated.”

Michelle White

Michele White, Prince William voter registrar in the 2020 election, is seeking $40,000 in donations for her legal defense. Earlier, White was Culpeper’s voter registrar.


On Sept. 7, a Prince William County grand jury handed down the two-count felony and one-count misdemeanor action against White, who spent 11 years in the Culpeper County voting office before moving on to the higher-paying position in Prince William.

White said she was shocked to be indicated.

“It’s been a real jolt to me, a real shock to the system,” she said. “I’ve needed time to get my life back into some sort of day-to-day order.”

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In a statement, White defended herself against the indictments.

“I showed up for the voting public election after election, in Prince William County, planning for a very robust early voting program and voter information program for the Prince William County voters. Presidential 2020 was my 5th Presidential election,” White stated. “I assisted many voters and candidates during my 17 years in elections in both Prince William and Culpeper Counties.”

White, 51, of Occoquan, has moved on since resigning her post last year. She is working in graphic design, where she started when she moved to Culpeper from Charlottesville in the early 2000s to raise a family.

She said Friday that she doesn’t have the money for legal fees to fight the charges of willful neglect

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