Drivers warned of common mistakes that could be increasing their car insurance prices

The cost of living is rising with many trying to save money no matter how small the change.

Motorists could be unknownly increasing their insurance.

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Motorists could be unknownly increasing their insurance.

With the likes of energy and shopping bills going up, many people are taking to the internet in a bid to read up on the latest information and news about inflation and what it means for them.

However with petrol prices also soaring, motorists are being hit hard and now drivers are being warned that there are things that they could currently be doing which are actually costing them a lot more in the long run.

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So whilst fuel can be costly, so can insurance – two expenses you can’t avoid. But now experts at Goodbye Car have complied the top seven reasons as to why your insurance could be affected and potentially costing you money that could be put towards other things.

Here’s the seven things you could be doing that’s driving up the cost of your insurance:

1. Employment Status – Disabled and retired drivers pay almost double that of those in employment

Collecting data from June of this year, experts said that whilst risk is a factor that goes into setting insurance prices, they found it disappointing the most vulnerable in society are charged more for their car insurance. They said: “A person of retirement age can expect to pay almost double that of a homemaker, while those who are not employed due to a disability or illness will pay over £830 more for their car insurance.”

2. Education – Student nurses are charged the most for car insurance

It’s no surprise to learn that nearly all students have a higher insurance price than

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