Readers Write: Ukraine, trans issues, potholes

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The March 13 Star Tribune editorial (“Ukraine support should be bipartisan”) seriously misses the point of recent increases in questions about the war in Ukraine. Nobody fails to see the reality of the ugly and brutal war of attrition that Russia is waging against Ukrainians. Nobody doubts the bravery of Ukrainians, and nobody doubts that Russia has violated international law and almost every principle of international human rights. But serious questions about this war and about U.S. and European support of the Ukrainian war effort are being ignored. For example, and most important, what is the end game here? The Editorial Board suggests, quoting a visiting fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center, that “Russia needs to go through a strategic defeat.” Does the Editorial Board really believe that Russia will be defeated by Ukrainian forces supported by many countries in the West?

This war has become a stalemate of wanton destruction of Ukraine, with horrible numbers of civilians dead in Ukraine and even larger numbers of military deaths on both sides. More and more serious observers (who support Ukraine’s right to an independent existence) are arguing that negotiations must begin, that this war will most likely only end through negotiations (assuming no use of nuclear weapons and the resulting horror for the world at large if that happens). Ukraine is fighting for principles of freedom and independence that we all support and are willing to help Ukraine defend through our military aid. But do we really want an endless war?

I don’t support the Republicans who want to simply cut our military aid, with no consideration of the principles involved. But the Editorial Board calls for support

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