Obsessive letter-writer is no pen pal for wife

Dear Amy: When my wife was a teenager, a20-something man she knew in her social circle became obsessed with her. He kept calling her and would mainly whine about his life.

He started talking about marriage, although for her he was an annoying acquaintance.

She finally had enough and told him to stop contacting her. He then started in on her friends and family.

When she and I became engaged, he started contacting me and my friends and family. He wrote lots of long, whiny letters about how miserable he was and how terrible she was and why can’t they just be friends.

This went on for years. We have bunches of letters he wrote. Finally, he stopped writing, and we hoped he had finally moved on. But he started up again. We’re in our 60s now.

His letters are the same as before, and full of delusions about how things used to be.

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