STL area law enforcement stress what to do after finding stolen Kia or Hyundai

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) – Doing everything it takes did not stop North City resident Tennille Kenny from becoming the latest victim of the growing trend of Kia and Hyundai car thefts in the Metro.

“I took all the necessary precautions and steps that I needed to take,” said Kenny. “They stole my car with a club on it. I actually had a club on my steering wheel when they stole my car.”

Her model, a 2017 KIA optima with a pink memorial decal on the back passenger window, was stolen on September 9. Yet, the meaning behind the car is much more important to her than the car itself.

“That car was in memory of my daughter,” she said. “So now I’m feeling, ‘Wow, they’ve taken everything.”

Her daughter died of type one diabetes in January 2021. She hoped the memorial on the back would deter would-be thieves from taking her car. Since it happened, she is also worried about the contents still inside: some of her daughter’s ashes are in a necklace that she still had hanging inside the car.

“I don’t know if they threw it out of the car or if they left it in there,” said Kenny. “So it’s a bit much to know that she may be somewhere in the middle of the street somewhere.”

Like other residents across the Metro, she’s taken the steps to report her car stolen to local police but has not felt like the process has been seamless.

“They haven’t found it anywhere, so they can’t tell me any hotspots to look at or where they’ve been finding all of the abandoned cars at. I’ve just basically been going on Facebook, word of mouth from other coworkers,” she said. “And I just go look in those areas on my

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