How Much Should You Pay For A Williamson County Criminal Lawyer?


If you have been charged with a crime in Williamson County, Texas, you could face fines, probation, and even jail time. Aside from these direct consequences, you may also be at risk of losing your job, losing custody of your children, and having a permanent criminal record. While you could rely on a public defender, due to their heavy caseloads and the high-stakes nature of your situation, it is recommended that you hire an attorney to defend you against the crimes with which you have been charged. Still, lawyers aren’t cheap, and you may be wondering how much you should pay for a Williamson County criminal lawyer’s services. Here are a few things to consider as you weigh the pros and cons of any particular fee arrangement.

Determining Your Fee Arrangement

When you hire a lawyer to represent your interests, typically, you will first have a consultation during which you will discuss your charges and the facts of your case. Based on the information that you ultimately provide to the lawyer, they will then discuss how their fee is to be calculated and ultimately paid. For minor, less serious charges, the fee arrangement may involve paying a flat fee to handle the matter.

For more involved cases, you may be required to provide what is known as a retainer. A retainer is an amount of money paid upfront to hire a lawyer to represent you. In most cases, the lawyer will also charge an hourly rate for their service, which will then be billed against the retainer. Once the retainer is exhausted, you may be required to put down additional money for the lawyer to continue working on your case. It is important to understand that anything the lawyer does in connection with your case will result in you

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DA Deborah Gonzalez’s Statement on Lawsuit Filed Against Her

District Attorney Deborah Gonzalez says a recent lawsuit targeting her office is part of a broader campaign targeting DAs around the state and nation. The suit claims Gonzalez is not fulfilling the requirements of her office due to a shortage of prosecutors and a lack of cases being prosecuted. Athens business owner Jarrod Miller filed the measure.

DA Gonzalez’s Statement on Application of Writ of Mandamus Filed Against Her

This attack on my office is part of a broader, politically-motivated campaign to undermine prosecutors who have been elected by their communities to pursue smart justice that moves away from the failed “tough on crime” strategies of the past.

These attacks, in the form of power-stripping removal petitions and impeachments, among other things, are happening in Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, Iowa, and Georgia to name a few. They have nothing to do with making our communities safer and everything to do with deflecting attention away from our refusal to seriously address the causes of crime.

My community elected me based on my promise to fight for a safer and more just future. I will always strive to be better in implementing new approaches, and I am proud of the work our office does every day, fighting for victims and a more just legal system.

I will continue to hold myself accountable to my community and resist efforts to strip them of the leadership they have duly elected to carry out this job.

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Minister Horner denies “inaccurate claims” by NDP on crop insurance premiums raising 60 per cent

“We’ve seen crop insurance go through a lot over the last two years. The program has really changed dramatically. It’s paid out $4.1 billion combined over the last two years… about $2.8 billion the year previous and we look like we are around $1.3 billion for payouts for last year,” he said.

Horner notes this is due to a combination of the drought in 2021, high payouts for hail claims after hail storms in central Alberta, and the height in value in crop payouts becoming more in 2022.

“The fund has been greatly depleted over the last two years… so there is a small growth factor in the fund. But beyond that, you’re paying for your coverage,” Horner said about how producers will be able to deal with the rise of insurance premiums during hard economic times.

Calculations made by the Alberta government say increases compared to 2022 are:

  • Hard Red Spring Wheat – 17 per cent
  • Feed Barley – nine per cent
  • Canola – 12 per cent
  • Yellow Field Peas – two per cent

“The one thing you can control is having this insurance to cover these terrible years… when everything else is out of your control. As much as it’s going up, it’s a non-profit insurance program, actuarially sound and audited, looks at a 25-year lens so they can control increases in premium rate,” added Horner on the AFSC program.

The program is 60 per cent subsidized with federal and provincial inputs. Around 36 per cent is paid by the federal level, 24 per cent by the province, and 40 per cent by producers.

The NDP says over 70 per cent of Alberta producers are enrolled in AFSC’s crop insurance program.

Horner said the program is; “one place where there’s tremendous value for Alberta farming communities when

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Attorney Takes Gloves Off In Somers Point, NJ Shooting Death

Attorney V. Scott Macom’s client, Jesse Carter remains jailed in the Atlantic County Justice Facility and Macom doesn’t believe it’s right.

We were the first to report about a shooting death in Somers Point, New Jersey on Saturday, March 4, 2023. Here is a link to our first report about the shooting death of a 31-year-old Somers Point woman.

Macom’s client, Jesse Carter (29), is not currently being jailed for this shooting death. Carter is in the Atlantic County Justice Facility for unrelated gun charges.

Read More: Somers Point, NJ ‘Death Investigation’ Today Is Underway

We have known the identity of the deceased Somers Point woman since March 4, 2023. However, law enforcement has not publicly identified her and we will continue to keep this faith and honor the privacy.

However, this report will go dramatically further than any previous article about this tragic situation and provide many specifics not previously known before now.

We had an extensive and exclusive, one-on-one interview with Macom, who did not hold back in his assessment that his client should not be in jail under the present circumstances.

The following narrative, is a graphic, verbatim account of our interview with Macom, who is blunt in his overall assessment and also critical of law enforcement regarding this matter.

V. Scott Macom via Facebook.

V. Scott Macom via Facebook.


“The death of the young woman is unfortunate. However, the detention of my client is egregious. I attached the probable cause for his arrest today on the grounds that the police had no articulable suspicion of a crime that would prompt them to search the car at the back of the house.” said Macom.

“The “crime” was her suicide. Prior to her committing

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Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Makes Re-election Decision

BATON ROUGE, La. (KPEL News) – One of the longest-serving members in Louisiana government has announced he will not be running for re-election this year.

Jim Donelon, who is finishing up his fourth term as the state’s Insurance Commissioner, made the surprise announcement on Tuesday, ending more than 40 years in Louisiana government. He has been Insurance Commissioner since 2006. Prior to that, he served as Deputy Commissioner under J. Robert Wooley until Wooley left the job and Donelon took over.

He then won a special election to secure that job and has held it under three governors – Kathleen Blanco, Bobby Jindal, and John Bel Edwards.

Before serving in the Department of Insurance, Donelon served in the Louisiana House of Representatives, starting in January 1982.

In his announcement, Donelon said he wished to spend time with his family and out of the public life.

According to LaPolitics publisher Jeremy Alford, there are a few names leaning toward running.

Tim Temple announced in October that he would be running for the job. He also ran against Donelon in 2019.

Former state senator Ryan Gatti, a lawyer from the Bossier area, is also a possible candidate, having expressed interest in the job. But, so far, he has not announced it officially.

The final name being talked about is Deputy Commissioner of Consumer Advocacy Ron Henderson. He was appointed to that position by Donelon, but he has been with the Department of Insurance since working there as a student in 1998 before being officially hired in 2001.

Donelon’s retirement comes amid an insurance crisis in the state, in which auto and home insurance have spiked in recent years. There have been attempts at reform, including a recent special session that established a program to offer money to home insurance companies to come

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B.C. lawyer that accepted $45,000 in $20 bills gets suspended | iNFOnews


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February 26, 2023 – 6:00 AM

A B.C. lawyer who accepted $45,000 in $20 bills has been suspended for 10 weeks due to a multitude of financial irregularities.

According to a Feb. 15 Law Society of B.C. decision, Abbotsford-based lawyer Randle W. Howarth improperly used his firm’s trust account to receive $776,305 although he provided no legal services.

On one occasion he accepted $45,540 in $20 bills and made no inquiries as to what “legitimate economic activities” would generate so much cash in such small denominations.

Howarth did admit he’d heard the investor was a “drug dealer” but didn’t think the allegation was credible.

The decision says the lawyer also made “misleading or inaccurate” statements to the Law Society.

He told the Law Society he hadn’t received more than $7,500 in cash into his trust account when he’d actually received $96,907.

Howarth signed a consent agreement admitting to professional misconduct.

The decision says Howarth has been a lawyer since 1978 and practices in motor vehicle cases, civil litigation and creditors’ remedies.

READ MORE: B.C. lawyer accused of laundering $23.5M

The professional misconduct has to do with a sawmill mill investment Howarth was involved in 2014.

More than a dozen investors advanced $25,000 to Howarth for the sawmill venture and he deposited the cash into his trust account.

“Between September 2014 and August 2017, Howarth used his firm’s trust account to receive and disburse a total of $776,305.97… in circumstances where no substantial legal services were provided,” the decision reads.

“The lawyer failed to maintain or produce receipts for the cash accepted and deposited to trust. Furthermore, the

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HUB Security Releases Insurance Cybersecurity Solution

Insurers and reinsurers can now evaluate, price, and underwrite cyber insurance policies with the help of Hub Cyber Security’s new cyber risk management solution.

FREMONT, CA:SinanGeylani, VIT, Founder & CEO said: “At Virtual i, we are committed to breaking down the inertia and outdated paradigms in the insurance industry by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and next-gen insurance solutions. Being the insurance innovation center, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the insurance sector. Our partnership with HUB has allowed us to solve one of the most fundamental problems in cyber insurance by providing high-security solutions through our innovative center. This partnership makes cyber insurance more accessible, affordable, and secure for micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. With our vision to become the center of gravity for innovation in the insurance sector, we are paving the way for a more secure, accessible, and sustainable future for the insurance sector. We are proud to be leading the way toward this transformative future.”

A Confidential Computing cybersecurity solutions and services, HUB Cyber Security, revealed a cyber risk management solution that allows insurance carriers and reinsurers to effectively evaluate, price, and underwrite cyber insurance policies. Insurance companies can store their files in a secure vault, reducing the likelihood of being attacked and minimizing the risk of losing or corrupting data. Thus, this technology enables insurance to redefine the addressable market, as it can be much more affordable.

Uzi Moskowitz, CEO of HUB Security added: “The new Hub solution provides a twofold advantage: supplemental redundancy of data secured at its highest security level, by this making risk assessment and mitigation easier to accomplish, resulting in a lesser risk to insurers enabling them to lower prices and bring more companies to be able to purchase cyber insurance policies. It’s a win-win

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Auto insurance bills to rise due to deficit in catastrophic fund

DETROIT (WXYZ) — On the heels of countless Michigan drivers receiving refund checks of $400 per vehicle after changes to state law, 7 Action News is learning information about a new deficit in the state catastrophic fund.

It’s part of an annual report from the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, a nonprofit organization.

“When they made that judgement, the stock market was very high,” said Peggy Campbell, whose sister is paralyzed from the chest down following a crash.

Another advocate against the refund checks, Chalisse Wilson, also has a brother who suffered catastrophic injuries.

“I was very angry. We spent a lot of time telling them it wasn’t a good idea,” said Wilson who has taken part in protests and spoken out against the refunds.

The checks were touted publicly by the governor as a way of giving back to drivers. Now, auto insurance bills could soon have a noticeable change due to a deficit of $3.7 billion.

It’s expected to create an additional $48 fee for drivers, according to the MCCA.

“It was wrong from the beginning,” Wilson said.

Reasons cited in the annual report include a court overturning retroactive elimination of benefits for victims, declines in the stock market and those refund checks. However, not all are concerned including state Rep. Joe Bellino from Monroe.

“When the market recovers and the fund picks up more, we’ll get rebate checks again in the future, yes,” Bellino said.

Another local leader, Detroit City Councilwoman Mary Waters, is also weighing in.

“I’m very concerned because the Legislature tried to fix it and it’s not fixed. Somebody needs to go back to the drawing board,” Waters said.

Many are expected to see the changes beginning in July.

The governor’s office has not responded to our request for comment on the report

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‘Judicial review king’ wins legal aid for jab case

A man who is challenging the government’s bid to annul some 20,000 Covid vaccine exemption certificates has been granted legal aid for the case.

Kwok Cheuk-kin’s application for legal aid had earlier been rejected on the grounds that he’s not directly affected by the case because he’s triple-jabbed.

But speaking outside the High Court on Tuesday, Kwok said he has successfully appealed against the decision.

“The reason for the successful appeal is that it’s a case of public interest and the Legal Aid Department should not reject me,” Kwok cited the judge as saying.

Kwok, who is also dubbed “king of judicial reviews” for the numerous legal challenges he filed, will return to court on Thursday for a hearing on his judicial review on the government’s attempt to invalidate vaccine exemption certificates issued by seven doctors suspected of giving them out without conducting proper medical consultations.

The certificates allow people who are not fully vaccinated to enter premises like restaurants. Government lawyers argue that the invalidation is justified on public health grounds and say that people affected can visit another doctor, including public doctors for free, to seek a new exemption certificate.

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Criminal Lawyers’ Association calling on Ontario for more funding for legal aid

Maan Alhmidi, The Canadian Press

TORONTO — The Criminal Lawyers’ Association is calling on the Ontario government to boost the province’s legal aid program, saying insufficient funding is leading to more accused being unrepresented and discouraging young lawyers from staying in defence law. 

The association, which wrote to the province last month seeking a funding model that keeps pace with the cost of living, said it’s set to meet with the government next week to discuss the issue. 

Association president Daniel Brown said stagnant legal aid funding has led to many accused having to represent themselves in Ontario courts because they don’t qualify for the program, which in turn leads to inefficiency in the justice system and places an extra burden on the courts.  

“This is just a system in crisis,” Brown said in an interview on Tuesday. 

Cases involving unrepresented accused can take three or four times longer than cases with criminal defence lawyers, Brown said. 

“We have judges who have to spend time teaching self-represented accused persons how to defend themselves. They have to equip them with the knowledge and they have to spend extra time with them in courts,” he said. 

“(The accused) have long meandering questions and convoluted legal applications that often don’t go anywhere because they don’t know what they’re doing. It’s like the equivalent to somebody trying to do their own open heart surgery. It’s a recipe for disaster.”

The low income cutoff for legal aid falls well below the poverty line, Brown noted. 

“Somebody who is making a minimum wage job would not qualify for legal aid,” he said. “Quite frankly, they wouldn’t have any hope of paying for private counsel, especially in the complex cases in the Superior Court.”

Betty Vavougios, president of Ontario Crown Attorneys’s Association said court runs less efficiently

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