ATTORNEY AT LAW Episode 2 Clip Sees Jennifer Walters Start A New Job…As Her Incredible Alter-Ego

The first clip from tomorrow’s episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been released, and it follows Jennifer Walters during her first day at a new job. However, she’s there as She-Hulk, note Jen…

The second episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law arrives on Disney+ tomorrow, and we now have a new clip from the Disney+ series. In it, Jennifer Walters has just started her job as a lawyer specializing in superhuman law, but she’s not the one her new employers want…that would be She-Hulk!

It looks like Jen’s identity crisis as she attempts to figure out how to balance her human and Hulk sides will be front and center in this show. That’s a smart move on Marvel Studios’ part as it’s not something they were ever really able to explore with Bruce Banner.

While we know the likes of Wong, The Abomination, and Daredevil will appear in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, there’s an expectation among fans that the series will feature even bigger cameos. To that, Head Writer Jessica Gao recently told Life Hacker, “Don’t set yourself up with big expectations to be disappointed.”

In a separate conversation with TV Linethe writer reflected on learning relatively soon that, regardless of which characters they wanted to use, Spider-Man was off limits.

“We knew innately that Spider-Man was a no-go. We thought maybe some of the other characters in Spider-Man might be fun to bring into our world, but we were told pretty early on that that was impossible, so we didn’t ‘t really go too far down the road,” Gao explains. “We just had a couple of Spider-Man supernerds in our room who dare to dream!”

So, while Jen won’t be representing the web-slinger in court, it’s good to know that the team working on the

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