District attorney won’t be filing charges against Cargill | News

A district attorney reviewing misconduct allegations against Comanche County Western District Commissioner Alvin Cargill said Monday he would not be filing charges.

Jackson County District Attorney David Thomas announced he had reviewed the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) report about the complaint against Cargill and, “I do not believe there is sufficient evidence to support the filing of a criminal charge or charges.” Thomas’ statement specified the allegations centered on possible embezzlement related to “improper and unlawful use of county vehicles and other county property.”

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Texas District Attorney names San Antonio officer who shot 17-year-old in a McDonald’s parking lot

By Josh Campbell, Michelle Watson and Emma Tucker, CNN

The Texas police officer who shot a 17-year-old man while he was eating a meal in a McDonald’s parking lot last week has been named, as the teen remains in critical condition, Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales said in a statement.

San Antonio Officer James Brennand, described by the police department as a probationary officer with seven months of experience, was fired for violating the agency’s tactics, training and procedures, police said.

Brennand shot Erik Cantu, who was initially charged with evading detention in a vehicle and assaulting the officer, as Brennand had claimed he was struck by the door of the car as the teen backed up.

“While Sunday’s shooting of an unarmed teenager by a then-San Antonio Police officer remains under investigation, the facts and evidence we have received so far led us to reject the charges against Erik Cantu for further investigation,” Gonzales’ office said in a statement .

“Once SAPD completes its investigation into the actions of former Officer James Brennand and submits the case to our office, our Civil Rights Division will fully review the filing. As we do with all officer-involved shootings that result in death or serious injury, we will submit the case to a Grand Jury for their consideration. Until that happens, we can make no further comment on this matter.”

The teenager’s family issued a statement Monday saying he is in critical condition and undergoing surgeries to repair injuries to major organs from bullets.

“Erik is currently on a life support system that is keeping his lungs operating and remains on a vast amount of sedatives to hopefully ease the discomfort and pain,” the statement said.

“He has a great medical staff that has been working diligently around the clock to

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COVID vaccine fraud witnesses put 82 NYC teachers in legal limbo

Legal troubles have mounted for up to 82 NYC educators, including four assistant principals, accused of submitting fake vaccine cards to keep their Department of Education jobs.

Julie DeVuono, a nurse practitioner and owner of Wild Child Pediatric Center in Amityville on Long Island, revealed in an Aug. 4 email to customers that two co-defendants on charges they made $1.5M selling fake vax cards have flipped and become witnesses in the case.

“Unfortunately the time has come to prepare for battle,” DeVuono wrote in the email obtained by The Post.

The scandal stems from mandates imposed by governments and businesses for workers to receive vaccines amid the pandemic. The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office charges DeVuono, along with a nurse and secretary at the clinic, doled out fake vax cards to hundreds of customers, charging adults $220 for each dose marked on the card ($440 for both) and $85 for kids. The clinic is known for offering holistic and natural remedies.

DeVuono is also accused of falsely listing clients as vaccinated in the New York State Immunization Information System, a felony.

More than 80 teachers received their COVID-19 vaccination cards from Julie DeVuono's fraudulent practice.
More than 80 educators allegedly received their COVID-19 vaccination cards in the scheme.

“The Suffolk County prosecutor has fired the first shot across our bow,” DeVuono wrote in the email. “Based on the statements of their witnesses (the nurse and secretary arrested with me), they are moving forward with the premise that 99% of COVID vaccines given in my office were fake.”

None of the 82 educators who submitted cards they received from the practice have been charged to date. But DeVuono warned the District Attorney’s office “could use my possible conviction as evidence to pursue action against Covid vaccine recipients.”

She added: “My legal team believes we can counter it but WE NEED YOUR HELP!”

Adults were allegedly charged $220 for each dose marked on the card.
There was a
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Trump’s troubles worsened: 6 legal landmines facing the ex-president

NEW YORK — Donald Trump’s myriad of legal problems have intensified after a whirlwind week of lawsuits and court decisions that went against the embattled former president — including a civil suit filed by the New York attorney general that partially seeks to prohibit him or his adult children from ever running a company in their home state again.

It was just one of several new setbacks for Trump, as the probe into his handling of classified documents continues and unsealed court papers revealing that a writer already suing him for defamation plans to file a second lawsuit alleging he raped her, under a historic new law passed by New York legislators.

The new week only promises to bring more troubles for Trump. The House panel investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection of the US Capitol indicated the final televised hearing set for Wednesday will be an explosive event featuring new witness testimony.

Here’s an update on the biggest legal threats facing Teflon Don in state, federal, and congressional investigations.

DOJ probe of missing White House records

Attorney General Merrick Garland’s investigators continue to investigate Trump’s handling of highly sensitive classified documents in a probe that could result in a federal indictment.

Trump scored a point when Judge Aileen Cannon tasked a well-respected Brooklyn judge with examining more than 10,000 hidden documents as a special master in the DOJ probe. He lost one when an unimpressed Judge Raymond Dearie put his lawyers on the hook by forcing them to take a position on whether he declassified documents and detail his unfounded claim the FBI planted evidence.

“My view is you can’t have your cake and eat it,” Dearie told Trump’s lawyers when they appeared before him on Wednesday.

In another blow, the 11th Circuit ruling that gave the Justice Department

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Southeastern Oklahoma district attorney condemned for taking teaching job while in office

An outgoing district attorney was condemned Thursday by fellow prosecutors “for engaging in conduct not authorized by law” and for his “lack of candor and honesty” about it.

Paul Smith, the district attorney of Seminole, Hughes and Pontotoc counties, called the decision by the District Attorneys Council disappointing.

Smith, 62, came under fire for taking a second full-time job in August teaching at Holdenville High School even though he is still DA until January. He quit the teaching job after the online news site NonDoc reported about it.

Paul Smith

Paul Smith

The District Attorneys Council voted 4-0 to condemn Smith, who apologized for taking the job but denied being dishonest.

“I regret that there was a tsunami of disapproval. I didn’t anticipate that because I was doing both jobs,” he said.

He acknowledged Thursday that he initially agreed to be at the school from 8:05 am to 3:15 pm daily. “I didn’t think that there was anything inappropriate about it,” he said. “I love teaching. I love impacting those kids. I think I did during the seven days I was in the classroom.”

He insisted he was an adjunct teacher and was still doing his duties as a district attorney. “I came in early and I worked late,” he said of his DA job. “And nobody can point to one meeting, one court appearance, one email, one call, one anything that I didn’t do.”

Smith is a longtime prosecutor who was appointed district attorney of Seminole, Hughes and Pontotoc counties in 2017. He was elected to the position in 2018, even though best-selling novelist John Grisham supported his opponent. He chose not to run for reelection this year and plans to teach again in the spring.

The condemnation does not keep him from completing his final months in office. It

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Jason Williams, other moonlighting DAs have faced legal questions about their side jobs | Courts

Two weeks after Orleans Parish District Attorney Jason Williams was acquitted on federal tax evasion charges, he made headlines for another reason: He accepted a side job with the law firm that successfully defended him in his criminal trial.

Williams might not end up joining Schonekas, Evans, McGoey and McEachin after all, his office said last week, after legal questions arose about potential conflicts of interest. Louisiana law forbids DAs “or their law partners” to handle criminal defense work, meaning that Williams’ arrival could force the Schonekas firm to give up a chunk of its business.

But the news prompted some of Williams’ critics to question why the full-time elected prosecutor in perhaps the state’s busiest courthouse would seek a side legal job at all.

Turns out, DAs regularly moonlight. In fact, 30 of Louisiana’s 42 district attorneys maintain a private practice, state reports show.

Experts say the arrangements can present ethical questions if a district attorney’s firm is hired for any reason other than its qualifications. And they said DAs with side practices must closely monitor their caseloads for conflicts of interest.

Rafael Goyeneche, president of the nonprofit watchdog Metropolitan Crime Commission, said problems can arise if a DA’s firm were to take on a client who also faced charges in the prosecutor’s district. It could also lead to an ethical gray area if relatives of criminal defendants were to hire the DA’s law firm.

“Unless you really drill down and interview your prospective civil client, there could be conflict bombs in your office,” Goyeneche said.

Williams said he is seeking legal guidance on whether his association with the Schonekas firm would create problems. He told Robin Pittman, chief judge for Orleans Parish Criminal District Court, that his employment with the firm has been put on hold for

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Cop faces charges of theft, fraud and forgery: CA officials

A veteran SFPD police officer was arrested and is facing charges in a <a href=fraud scheme that was in tens of thousands in payouts, officials said.” title=”A veteran SFPD police officer was arrested and is facing charges in a fraud scheme that was in tens of thousands in payouts, officials said.” loading=”lazy”/

A veteran SFPD police officer was arrested and is facing charges in a fraud scheme that was in tens of thousands in payouts, officials said.


A veteran police officer was arrested in a fraud scheme that in tens of thousands in payouts, officials said.

Adam Eatia, a 15-year veteran of the San Francisco Police Departmentwas booked , June 24 on various charges including grand theft by false pretenses, insurance fraud and identity theft, SFPD announced Monday, June 27.

Information for Eatia’s lawyer was not immediately available, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office told McClatchy News.

Eatia began his scheme after he and a fellow police officer bought a 2018 Ford Mustang in spring 2018, according to a release from the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office. The fellow officer insured the car with Mercury Insurance under his own name. Eatia’s name did not appear on the policy.

In July 2018, Eatia was in a car accident, according to the release. He did not tell the insurance company he was the primary driver and instead claimed he only occasionally drove the car.

Mercury ultimately canceled the policy because Eatia was not authorized to drive the car. But they “still paid over $6,000 in claims for the accident,” which included the cost of a rental car for Eatia, the release said.

Eatia then insured the car through Allstate Insurance Company in March 2019, the release said. Eatia used his fellow officer‘s name on the policy without his consent.

“Officer Eatia is alleged to have impersonated the owner and forged his

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