Waffle protects gamers against asset theft with player insurance

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Waffle is offering insurance for gamers, protecting them from account hacks and digital asset theft.

From mastering complex quests in mythical lands to outmaneuvering opponents in virtual battlefields, gaming has captured the hearts of billions. But what happens when a gamer’s account is compromised by a cyberattack and valuable digital assets are stolen?

Waffle is an all-in-one consumer InsurTech solution, and Blink by Chubb, a growing suite of Chubb backed digital consumer insurance products, provide insurance protection for the financial investments gamers make to level-up their virtual experiences. Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company.

According to Norton, nearly half of American gamers have experienced a cyberattack to their gaming account or device. Of those, more than three in four (76%) report that they were financially affected as a result, losing a striking $744 on average. Many gamers have had limited insurance protection options for their digital assets. But that can change, thanks to the collaboration between Waffle and Blink by Chubb.


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Waffle said it’s a product from gamers for gamers.

“From Zelda to Call of Duty with every Witcher, FIFA and 2048 in between, we live and breathe gaming,” said Quentin Coolen, CEO of Waffle, in a statement. “As gamers, we know firsthand the thrill of exploring new worlds and achieving epic victories within our favorite games. We also understand the gut-wrenching feeling of losing everything in an instant because of a cyberattack. Whether it’s our digital game collection or cherished

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