NJ legal weed: All the ways to consume cannabis

For centuries, smoking cannabis flower has been the most popular way to consume weed.

With dispensaries constantly releasing a wider range of products, we think it’s important to give you a guide of all the ways that weed can be consumed or delivered to your body.


Inhalation is the process of applying fire or another type of heat to a cannabis product to create smoke or vapor to be pulled into the warp and blown back out. It is the fastest way to consume weed and feel its effects.

Smoking, vapingand dabbing are all different methods of inhalation, and work slightly differently. Smoking can be done by grinding cannabis flower down into smaller chunks and either rolling it up into a cylinder or packing it into a device.

When rolled up, the material that has been used — a sheet made of natural fibers versus a tobacco wrap or emptied cigar — determines if this tube is called a joint or a blunt. Usually, the tube is lit on one end and puffed from the other.

Smoking: A smoking device can be a dry pipe like a bowl or stem, or a water pipe, where smoke is filtered through water. The most common type of water pipe is a bong.

Both types are used by placing weed in a bowl-shaped compartment and lighting it while simultaneously pulling air through the device.

Vaping: This method can be achieved with many forms of cannabis, and can be the easiest way to travel with cannabis. Weed flower or concentrates can be placed into a vaporizer that achieves medium to high temperatures without flame.

There are also vape pens that can be assembled by screwing a cartridge of concentrated weed oil to a rechargeable stick battery and puffed on

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