COVID vaccine fraud witnesses put 82 NYC teachers in legal limbo

Legal troubles have mounted for up to 82 NYC educators, including four assistant principals, accused of submitting fake vaccine cards to keep their Department of Education jobs.

Julie DeVuono, a nurse practitioner and owner of Wild Child Pediatric Center in Amityville on Long Island, revealed in an Aug. 4 email to customers that two co-defendants on charges they made $1.5M selling fake vax cards have flipped and become witnesses in the case.

“Unfortunately the time has come to prepare for battle,” DeVuono wrote in the email obtained by The Post.

The scandal stems from mandates imposed by governments and businesses for workers to receive vaccines amid the pandemic. The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office charges DeVuono, along with a nurse and secretary at the clinic, doled out fake vax cards to hundreds of customers, charging adults $220 for each dose marked on the card ($440 for both) and $85 for kids. The clinic is known for offering holistic and natural remedies.

DeVuono is also accused of falsely listing clients as vaccinated in the New York State Immunization Information System, a felony.

More than 80 teachers received their COVID-19 vaccination cards from Julie DeVuono's fraudulent practice.
More than 80 educators allegedly received their COVID-19 vaccination cards in the scheme.

“The Suffolk County prosecutor has fired the first shot across our bow,” DeVuono wrote in the email. “Based on the statements of their witnesses (the nurse and secretary arrested with me), they are moving forward with the premise that 99% of COVID vaccines given in my office were fake.”

None of the 82 educators who submitted cards they received from the practice have been charged to date. But DeVuono warned the District Attorney’s office “could use my possible conviction as evidence to pursue action against Covid vaccine recipients.”

She added: “My legal team believes we can counter it but WE NEED YOUR HELP!”

Adults were allegedly charged $220 for each dose marked on the card.
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