Street Legal Bypass The Neon To Create Dance Music With Guitars

An Adelaide indie band with a love for dance music that incorporates guitars, Street Legal’s brand of new wave, post disco is about instilling more colour into the sonic palette while not bending the knee to a specific genre.

Formed during COVID by Matt Hayward, Street Legal recently unveiled their debut single ‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow’ that proudly wears its Joy Division influences on its rolled-up, cigarette-styled sleeve.

After recently partaking in the Adelaide Fringe 2023 10×10 Filmmaker Challenge workshop with American director/ producer Norwood Cheek, and with more new music and an interstate tour planned, Matt sits down for a chat about Street Legal.

For those new to the band, what’s the elevator pitch for Street Legal?
We’re a five-piece new wave act writing and performing on Kaurna Country, Adelaide.

We fit the space between dance music, electronic and post-punk music with a healthy dose of self-deprecation. Some people could say we’ve travelled back from the early oughts without the all the neon, exclamation marks and questionable fashion choices.

The band’s background; how did the members come together to form Street Legal?
We all knew each other socially from kicking around in different bands and hanging out at each other’s gigs.

Max plays in emo outfit Superdose Gangway and I knew both Shara and Libby from The Vains and punk rockers Bitchspawn. I decided during the depths of COVID to put down ‘Animal Crossing’ and the bottle, and do something positive and recruit a band.

Your debut single is ‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow’; it leans heavily into Joy Division flavours. Why was this song selected as the debut to introduce the band sonically?
Thank you, the Joy Division reference is very flattering.

Maybe this song might have been about what could’ve happened to Ian Curtis if he’d carried

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