Anna Sorokin’s ex-lawyer wheeled out on stretcher during hearing

A court hearing in Anna Sorokin’s lawsuit against her ex-lawyer was thrown into chaos Friday after the sobbing former jurist slumped to the floor saying she couldn’t breathe, and an ambulance was called. 

A polished-looking Sorokin — aka Anna Delvey, the subject of Netflix’s “Inventing Anna” — was in court seeking to hold her former lawyer Audrey Thomas in contempt, and have her fined $1,000 a day for allegedly withholding court records that Sorokin needs to fight her conviction and deportation cases.

Thomas broke down in tears and collapsed onto the courtroom floor, crying out: “I can’t do this! I’m going to fall apart! Help me! Please!”

“My heart is hurting me! I need an ambulance!” she sobbed. “Please, please! I can’t breathe!”

The hearing was halted and an ambulance called for Thomas — who was wheeled out of the courtroom on a stretcher before the hearing resumed.

Audrey Thomas on a stretcher
Anna Sorokin’s ex-lawyer Audrey Thomas was wheeled out of a Manhattan courtroom on a stretcher.
Steven Hirsch

Audrey Thomas on a gurney
Thomas had a health episode, collapsing and crying in court.
Steven Hirsch

Audrey Thomas on a stretcher leaving court
Thomas sobbed and yelled that she couldn’t breathe.
Steven Hirsch

The dramatic episode came after Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron denied a request to postpone the contempt hearing because Thomas’ lawyer said he couldn’t come to court because of a broken ankle.

Thomas — who was disbarred last year for allegedly stealing $630,000 from a client in an unrelated case — said she couldn’t represent herself because of her own health issues.

Anna Sorokin and lawyer Duncan Levin walking into court
Sorokin took Thomas to court seeking the return of her court records from when the jurist represented her.
Steven Hirsch

Anna Sorokin and her media rep Juda Engelmayer
Sorokin claims Thomas has been withholding the documents for over a year.
Steven Hirsch

Sorokin won a court order fining Thomas for $1,000 a day until Thomas returns the records.
Sorokin won a court order fining Thomas $1,000 a day until Thomas returns the records.
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