Solicitors Journal – Eversheds Sutherland duo sweep up at Women in Business Law Awards

The twelfth annual ‘Best in Practice’ awards honored women at the forefront of law.

Two lawyers at leading global law practice Eversheds Sutherland have won awards at the Women in Business Law Awards 2022, EMEA.

The twelfth annual ‘Best in Practice’ awards honored women at the forefront of legal work in business law.

For the second time, Marie McGinley, partner and head of the Intellectual Property, Technology and Data Protection departments won Technology Lawyer of the Year.

Joanne Hyde, partner and head of Employment Law and head of Commercial won the Outstanding Achievement Award.

Over 135 firms provided submissions for 420 nominees across 38 jurisdictions for the 79 awards categories.

The awards are given to law firms that have produced strong initiatives and programs to support and encourage women and diversity within the industry, and encourage the growth of female talent in their countries and globally.

Alan Connell, Managing Partner of Eversheds Sutherland LLP said: “As the largest and most established full-service global law practice in the country, growing our talent, locally and globally, is key to our success as we respond to the ever-increasing globalisation of the economy and strive to stay ahead of our clients’ needs.

“These awards celebrate the best of the best of today’s leading female lawyers across Europe and I am delighted that Marie and Joanne have been honored in this respect. Their wins are a testament to their outstanding work, achievements and commitment to our clients, particularly on the international stage. I wish them both every continued success.”

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Student Perspective on the Business Law Boot Camp: Adan Abu-Hakmeh | Law

Baylor Law’s Business Law Boot Camp is a week-long program that provides Baylor Law students with a practical, deep dive into various areas of law a corporate or business transactional lawyer deals with regularly. Taught by a diverse team of accomplished transactional attorneys, the Boot Camp courses are delivered via both classroom lectures and collaborative exercises.

Adan Abu-Hakmeh attended Baylor Law’s Business Law Boot Camp in 2022. Read her thoughts on the Boot Camp below.

Why did you apply for the Boot Camp? Did it meet your expectations?

While in Business Organizations I and II, Professor Miller was impressed how much information there is regarding transactional law and strategies but how little time there is to learn it all competently. When choosing my schedule, because of advocacy teams and my concentration in Health Law, I had a difficult time fitting in classes I wanted to take during the school year, so I wanted to boost my foundational knowledge and understanding regarding business law and transactions. Boot Camp was the perfect fit for me to refresh what I have already learned and get a practical basis for mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, tax law, and corporate formation.

What are your thoughts on what you learned during the Boot Camp?

Every single faculty lecturer at Business Law Bootcamp has years of experience, and has framed all of their lessons by teaching us practically how the theoretical concepts we have learned in our transactional quarter apply to situations brought up by real clients they’ve had in their careers .

I was so surprised that the lawyers that came in to talk to us have spoken openly and candidly about the trials and tribulations of their careers and paths to transactional law.

Overall, I deeply appreciate how excited every attorney

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International Business Law As A Model Of Neutrality Avoiding Bias Pitfalls In Gun Regulations

After 19 children and two adults in Texas are gunned down by an 18-year-old who legally purchased an AR
-style gun, why do reasonable measures for background checks fail to make their way through our legislative process? How can legal concepts from international business (trade and investment) law and domestic law systems help provide a solution?

International Business Law and the Gun Debate

The focus of the gun debate and disputes concerning international investment and trade law centers on the tension between an individual’s or a company’s rights and the host government’s responsibility to regulate. With this comparison and consideration of US politics, this article answers both questions.

Question 1: Why can’t a reasonable background check regulation make its way through the legislative process?

Slippery-Slope Arguments

How many times have you heard staunch gun-rights advocates argue that enhancing background checks today will result in government confiscation of their guns tomorrow? A slippery-slope argument is an assertion that a relatively small first step leads to a chain of related events, culminating in a significantly detrimental effect.

The slippery-slope argument is fatal to any chance of reaching a reasonable compromise. Take, for example, the 1963 Cuban Missile Crisis. If the US feared that withdrawing its nuclear warheads from Turkey would have created a slippery slope in which the Soviets continued placing weapons within miles of the US border, we might not be here right now. Other examples abound of

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