Darling Of The UK Right, Braverman Gets Govt’s Toughest Job

Suella Braverman becomes UK Home Secretary (interior minister) after a stint as attorney general


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New UK interior minister Suella Braverman is admired by the right for her attacks on “woke” politics but her legal acumen will be put to the test when tackling one of government’s toughest jobs.

Braverman, 42, was appointed attorney general a year ago, serving as the government‘s principal legal adviser, having worked as a lawyer before becoming an MP in 2015.

The government is currently embroidered in a legal battle to implement its plan to send migrants illegally crossing the Channel to Rwanda.

Finding a solution to the thorny political issue, which ultimately scuppered predecessor Priti Patel, will be made her top priority.

But she faces an intense legal fight.

An intervention by European courts has so far prevented the removal of any migrants, and a full hearing is ongoing.

Braverman, whose parents are of Indian origin and emigrated to Britain in the 1960s from Kenya and Mauritius, was one of the first to declare her leadership bid following Boris Johnson’s downfall.

Her credentials as an arch-Brexiteer and right-wing culture warrior have made her popular with Conservative Party members.

She is one of 28 so-called “Spartan” Tory MPs, who refused to back ex-prime minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal on all three occasions it was voted on in parliament.

Braverman has also said that owing to the energy crisis fuelled by the war in Ukraine, “we must suspend the all-consuming desire” to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

She has praised the British Empire as a “force for good” and said that as Conservatives, “we are engaged in a battle against Cultural Marxism”.

Anti-racism campaigners criticized her use of the phrase, which is linked to the far-right, as anti-Semitic, an

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