Ozark’s Jason Bateman and Jude Law team up for upcoming Netflix show

Ozark’s Jason Bateman and Jude Law team up for upcoming Netflix show
Ozark’s Jason Bateman and Jude Law team up for upcoming Netflix show

Jason Bateman, of Ozark fame, will be teaming up with Jude Law for an upcoming limited series at Netflix titled, Black Rabbit.

According to Deadline, Bateman and Law will also serve as executive producers and star in the series. Bateman is also attached to direct the series.

The announcement was made back in October 2022 that Black Rabbit will hail from Bateman and Michael Costigan’s production studio, Aggregate Films. Moreover, the project will be produced in conjunction with Law and Ben Jackson’s label, Riff Raff Entertainment.

Bateman’s company has also signed a first-look deal with Netflix for film and television projects, per the outlet. This is one of many projects coming from Bateman and his production company. Other notable projects include Florida Man, Dark Wire, Here Comes the Flood, Movie Night, and many more.

Working alongside these companies on the limited series will be Zach Baylin and Kate Susman’s Youngblood Pictures and Automatik Entertainment. Baylin, who will write the series’ script with Susman, is best known for penning the Academy Award-nominated film King Richard and the highly anticipated Creed III.

This will be the first ever collaboration of Bateman and Law after Bateman’s smash-hit on Netflix Ozark, which concluded this year. On the other hand, Law has been a part of his own popular franchises such as Fantastic Beasts and Sherlock Holmes.

As of yet, no release window or start of production for Black Rabbit has been announced.

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Jason Bateman and Jude Law to star in Netflix limited series

Jude Law (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney), Jason Bateman (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Jude Law (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney), Jason Bateman (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Image: The A.V. Club

Two famous actors are getting together for a thing we know very little about, which means we all get to experience the excitement of seeing their names and faces next to each other—even if we get very little else out of it. The two famous actors are Jason Bateman and Jude Law, and bateman-jude-law-black-rabbit-limited-series-netflix-zach-baylin-1235156524/”Deadline says they’re going to executive produce and star in a new limited series for Netflix called Black Rabbit. Bateman will also direct, and the series will be written by Kate Susman and King Richard screenwriter Zach Baylin.

Other than that, we know it’s “based on an original idea” and that “the premise is being kept under wraps,” so… that’s all we’ve got. It’s probably not a dark retelling of Alice In Wonderland where she follows a black rabbit instead of a white rabbit, and it’s probably not a spooky anthology about the ways that modern rabbit technology can go wrong (Black Rabbit instead of Black Mirror, you see), but those are the only two ideas we’ve got. It’ll probably be some kind of crime drama that isn’t about rabbits at all, seeing as how Bateman is coming off of his Netflix hit Ozark and it seems wise to try and find a new thing like that. Then again, Jude Law tends to favor genre stuff, be it period dramas or Fantastic Beasts movies or whatever genre The Young Pope was (or is?).

So let’s say Black Rabbit lies somewhere on the spectrum between an Ozark-style crime drama and a Harry Potter

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Jason Bateman, Jude Law Team For Netflix’s ‘Black Rabbit’

According to series-netflix-zach-baylin-1235156524/”Deadline, Jason Bateman and Jude Law are developing a limited series called Black Rabbit for Netflix. Hot off an Emmy win for his directing work on Ozark, Bateman will helm the series from King Richard screenwriter Zach Baylin and newcomer Kate Susman. The project is based on an original idea and there are no plot details public just yet. Spooky!

It’s not a done deal yet, but it’s no surprise why Netflix would want to team with Bateman again after all of Ozark‘s success. They’ve also hired him to direct the movie Dark Wire about the time the FBI created a fictional telecom company that provided services for tons of gangs and led to thousands of arrests. Bateman has fully embraced the thriller genre. Is that a clue to what Black Rabbit might entail?

For now, we can file this one under having our curiosity with the great potential of gaining our attention when more details are revealed. Bateman and Law make a solid pairing, the name is definitely evocative, and it has an Oscar-nominated screenwriter in Baylin to boot. It’s highly likely that this will be another prestige drama outing for Bateman, but no one would be sad if it were a series of hour-long episodes all about fluffy bunnies.

(via bateman-jude-law-black-rabbit-limited-series-netflix-zach-baylin-1235156524/”Deadline)

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Jason Bateman: Jude Law, ‘Ozark’ actor Jason Bateman collaborate on upcoming Netflix series ‘Black Rabbit’

Jason Bateman and Jude Law are coming back to Netflix for a brand-new limited series. According to reports, Bateman will also be the show’s director and the two actors will also serve as executive producers. Although the narrative has not yet been disclosed, it will be unique and written by Zach Baylin and Kate Susman of King Richard.

In addition to “Black Rabbit”, Bateman will once again collaborate with Netflix on the thriller Dark Wire, which he will also direct. In this thriller, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) employs a phoney telecom corporation to become the phone service provider for some of the toughest gangs in the world.

If that weren’t enough, Taron Egerton, who plays the young Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee who is blackmailed by an enigmatic traveler to allow a deadly cargo to pass through security and onto a flight on Christmas Day, will also be seen in the Netflix drama Carry On.

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