Bitcoin’s Health May Hinge on a Legal Feud in Norway

Though deeply rooted in Bitcoin’s past, a court case beginning in Norway this week could have serious implications for the cryptocurrency’s future, according to the plaintiff’s supporters.

Hodlonaut, a pseudonymous bitcoiner who edits Bitcoin magazine Citadel21, filed the lawsuit against businessman Craig S. Wright, who has repeatedly claimed – but failed to prove – that he is the digital currency‘s pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The duo became entangled several years ago when Wright accused Hodlonaut of defamation for tweets calling Wright a “fraud” for claiming to be Nakamoto, starting a hodlonaut/status/1535720497345863682″complex legal battle.

Hodlonaut is far from the only bitcoiner ensnared by Wright in court. Last year, for instance, Wright wright-serve-claims-against-16-bitcoin-developers/”served claims against 16 Bitcoin developers, asking them to turn over funds to him that isn’t likely his. Developers argue that the threat of legal action from Wright is dissuading their peers from working on bitcoin (BTC), the original cryptocurrency, depriving its blockchain network of improvements needed to one day bring the crypto to the masses.

Hodlonaut’s ambitious aim is to reverse that trend by stopping – or at least slowing down – Wright’s lawsuits.

“This community campaign aims to make sure my fight is brought to its successful conclusion, with court judgments that effectively put an end to any further bullying of bitcoiners, developers and companies,” Hodlonaut said on Twitter.

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When CoinDesk reached out to Wright through a publicist, he responded that “Hodlonaut is the only bully here,” because Hodlonaut is the one pursuing legal action this time around. (Hodlonaut filed the suit in Norway after Wright’s attorneys sent him a legal notice in the UK, and weeks after Wright placed a $5,000 bounty

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