Judge sets date on venue change hearing of State’s Attorney Mosby’s perjury trial

BALTIMORE — A federal judge set a date to hear arguments on State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s court order to move her perjury and mortgage fraud trial out of Baltimore.

The hearing has been scheduled for the afternoon of Dec. 15.

Mosby filed a request to change the venue of her federal trial out of Baltimore, according to court documents. Her trial is scheduled  for next March.   

It is unclear what the reasoning is behind the request. 

Mosby is accused of committing perjury to illegally obtain a withdrawal from her retirement account. The government argues she lied on forms saying she had adversely been impacted by COVID-19 allowing her to take out money without penalty while she continued to work and earn a salary of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. 

Mosby allegedly used the money she withdrew from her retirement fund to buy two vacation homes in Florida. Prosecutors allege she also lied on mortgage applications. 

Her trial, which had been postponed until March 27, 2023, is expected to last three weeks. 

Mosby is expected to leave office in January after she was defeated in July’s primary by Ivan Bates.

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‘We stand by our investigation’: State’s Attorney Mosby claps back at AG’s challenge of Adnan Syed release

BALTIMORE – Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby snapped back at Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh who challenged the way her office handled Adnan Syed’s release from prison.

Syed spent 23 years in prison after he was convicted for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. But, in recent weeks, Syed’s murder conviction was vacated and his charges were dropped.

Frosh said his criticisms of Mosby don’t demonstrate bias against Syed, and they do not disqualify his office from an appeals case against Syed’s release.

The Attorney General said in the Tuesday filing that Mosby’s actions “raised red flags about the integrity and neutrality of the proceedings.”

Frosh said Mosby’s office only gave the Lee family two days’ notice of its intention to file a motion calling for Syed’s conviction to be thrown out.

His office argued Lee should be allowed to make the case Mosby’s office violated the Maryland Declaration of Rights’ “mandate to treat victims with ‘dignity, respect, and sensitivity.'”  

Mosby, in a statement, stood by her stance that the Attorney General’s Office mishandled and “sat on exculpatory evidence for years.”

“His recent attempts to save face are a complete disservice to the family of Hae Min Lee and to Adnan Syed who was wrongfully incarcerated for 23 years,” Mosby said. “We stand by our investigation and our ultimate finding that there is no credible evidence that Mr. Syed was involved in the death of Ms. Lee.”

On Sept. 14, the State’s Attorney’s Office filed a motion to vacate Syed’s conviction based on the Brady rule, requiring prosecutors to turn over all exculpatory evidence.

The judge then ruled to vacate the conviction less than

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Councilwoman Ramos after threat of legal action from NACA: ‘I will not be silenced’

BALTIMORE — Faced with the threat of legal action from a housing nonprofit, City Councilwoman Odette Ramos responded Friday, saying she stands by her “buyer beware” notice about the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America.

“I will not be silenced. It is my job as a Baltimore City Councilwoman to provide information to residents so they can make good decisions,” she said. “Residents have choices as to where they obtain housing counseling services and I have provided the information for other organizations in Baltimore who provide free housing counseling services.”

The 14th District councilwoman confirmed she received a “cease and desist” letter from the group, which claimed Ramos’ comments about their “questionable practices” were unfounded.

In a press release on Wednesday, Ramos alleged the group makes potential homebuyers looking for assistance pay a membership fee and volunteer with the organization.

Over a decade ago, a CBS Miami investigation found angry NACA customers across the country stuck in “an endless cycle of paperwork.”

Ramos and the group have clashed before.

In April, NACA’s CEO Bruce Marks led a rally at City Hall in support of Council President Nick Mosby’s proposed revival of the Dollar House program. Dozens of supporters poured out of overflow rooms and into hallways.

During his testimony to the council, Marks accused Mayor Brandon Scott and Ramos of working for developers.

“Sir, you cannot accuse me of that,” Ramos responded. “You’re not from here, sir, you don’t even know, you don’t even know.”

Marks then led the rally straight to Scott’s office while the council was in session and banged on the metal door, telling the crowd the mayor had refused to meet with his organization to talk about the program.

It was later learned those supporters were fulfilling a volunteer requirement for NACA’s mortgage program.


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