Arizona woman questioning high costs for medical flights

Amy Maher’s insurance did negotiate down the bill to about $29,000. However, she’s still on the hook to pay $11,000 for a medical flight she didn’t end up needing.

CHANDLER, Ariz. — An Arizona woman is on the hook for more than $14,000 in medical bills after she was air lifted from one hospital to another because she was told she needed emergency surgery, but ended up not needing it.

The biggest bill sent to Amy Maher’s insurance was more than $50,000. It came from the company who airlifted her from a hospital in Maricopa to the other in Chandler. It’s those air transport bills that have been increasing across the country.

Maher went to Exceptional Community Hospital-Maricopa back in March, where she said she was told she had an ectopic pregnancy.

“You need to have emergency surgery, we got to air evac you, we’re not a facility that’s equipped to do surgery,” Maher recalls the doctor telling her.

Maher said she was taken from Exceptional Community Hospital-Maricopa to Chandler Regional Medical Center.

“The ER doctor at Chandler comes in and says, ‘Why are you here? And why were you helicoptered?’,” Maher said.

Months later, the bill comes in from Air Methods, the company who transported her from Maricopa to Chandler.

“The total amount is $50,867.77,” Maher said.

That amount is before insurance.

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This year, the so-called, ‘No Surprises Act’ went into effect and appears to have helped her bill.

The federal law bans billing patients for more than the in-network costs.

In Maher’s case, her explanation of benefits shows insurance “repriced” or ‘covered’ the helicopter flight at about $29,000, and paid about $18,000.

Even so, Maher’s still on the hook for $11,000, just for the

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