San Antonio Jewish gatherings paused after potential threat


A suspect was apprehended Saturday for allegedly making threats against a Jewish community facility in the San Antonio area.

Security personnel at area synagogues and agencies were on “the highest alert,” according to an announcement on the Jewish Federation of San Antonio Facebook page.

Temple Beth-El San Antonio cited the threats as it announced on its Facebook page Saturday that it was canceled in-person and online Shabbat Services.

Details about the threat and arrest were not made available.

Anti-defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt thanked law enforcement for “taking this threat to Texas Jewish communities seriously and working diligently to identify and apprehend the suspect.”


The FBI said that there is no “known imminent threat” in effect any longer for the San Antonio area Jewish community, according to a Jewish Federation of San Antonio Facebook announcement.

The updated alert comes after the organization said local Jewish gatherings should be suspended due to the FBI’s notice of a potential threat at an “unconfirmed Jewish community facility.”

The Jewish Federation still recommended “staying vigilant and aware of your surroundings” at all times.

“We are pleased to share that the urgency of concern has been lowered,” the post reads.


Local formal Jewish gatherings are being suspended until further notice after the FBI identified a potential threat to an “unconfirmed Jewish community facility” in the San Antonio area, according to an announcement on the Jewish Federation of San Antonio Facebook page.

The Saturday morning post said security personnel at area synagogues and agencies are aware of the situation and are on “the highest alert.”

“We continue to work closely with law enforcement to ensure the safety of our community,” the post reads.

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The Jewish Federation recommends that people be aware of their surroundings and to call 911 if they see something unusual.

Temple Beth-El San Antonio announced on its Facebook page that it is canceling in-person and online Shabbat services scheduled for Saturday.

“We have received information from our experts that the safety situation for the Jewish synagogues in San Antonio today is not optimal for us to conduct our regularly scheduled Shabbat Services,” the post reads.

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