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Sadie Frost, 57, has opened up on how much life has changed for her after embracing her fifties. In an exclusive interview with, ahead of appearing at the Postcards from Midlife Live festival in May, the Quant filmmaker insisted the members of the iconic Primrose Hill set have all “moved on” with their lives.

Sadie led the showbiz group of the ‘90s alongside supermodel pal Kate Moss, 49, which comprised of her ex-husband Jude Law, 50, the Gallagher brothers, Pearl Lowe, 52, and Rosemary Ferguson, 48.

The stars were known for their notoriously hedonistic lifestyles, and made headlines for their partying antics in one of the capital city’s most opulent postcodes.

However, Sadie believes the fascination with the celebrity clan has diminished over time.

The star, who is currently in the process of directing a documentary about British model Twiggy, 73, said: “It’s such a long time ago. 

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Sadie, who is hoping to direct her first feature film soon, explained she “doesn’t have time” to look back on her infamous partying days.

She added of reminiscing on the past: “For me, right now, I don’t have time to, you know…

“I’m concentrating on things like Postcards from Midlife, and also the Twiggy story.”

Sadie shares three children with The Holiday actor Jude; Iris, 22, Rafferty, 26, and Rudy, 20.

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The actress is also mother to her eldest son Finlay, 32, from her romance with ex Gary Kemp, 63.

Sadie and Jude split in 2003, with the mum-of-four citing her severe postnatal depression as the reason behind their divorce.

She has since created a calmer life away from London in the countryside, focusing on clean living, yoga, and meditation.

Opening up on how she has avoided the common fear surrounding entering the midlife, Sadie told “It just happens, you’re a kid, then you’re a teenager, then you suddenly fly by. You know, it’s just life.”

She continued: “You can’t stop it, as it’s part of everyone’s life. So you can fight against it, you can have conflicts with it, you can feel uncomfortable. 

“The most important thing in your life is to be comfortable with yourself; whatever age, whether you’re going through, your teenage years, when you’re going through your marriages, through postnatal depression, through depression, through… whatever, you know.

“If you come to terms, and you understand yourself, and you accept it, you can’t fight against it. I’m not going to try and be anything different. You’re going to have real problems, and you’re going to be unhappy. 

“So for me, it’s just really about feeling comfortable with whatever stage and embracing that, and making it the best I can be to my ability – like, mentally, emotionally, physically – and having a really nice variety and balance of different things going on in my life.”

Concluding on the struggles women face later on in life, Sadie added: “I think that is part of the problem, nowadays, everyone’s just rushing from A to B and you don’t take the time to appreciate stuff. 

“I mean, all I know is that I’m a lot happier now. I’m still working as hard, but by slowing down a bit, I’m happier, because I’m appreciating the time that I have with whatever I’m doing.

“Whereas before, it was like a train going a million miles an hour, but I didn’t really appreciate anything I was doing.”

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