Katie Price facing court and ‘unlimited fine’ after being accused of driving without licence and insurance

KATIE Price is set to face trial for driving without a valid licence and insurance.

The glamour model, 45, is accused of getting behind the wheel of a Range Rover and driving it “otherwise than in accordance with a licence”.

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Katie Price is set to face trial next monthCredit: Getty
Katie has had 19 brushes with the law over her driving


Katie has had 19 brushes with the law over her drivingCredit: Rex

A court charge sheet states she “did not hold a valid licence after a period of disqualification”.

She faces a second charge of using a motor vehicle on a road without third party insurance – which could see her slapped with an unlimited fine or another driving ban.

Court documents state the alleged offences happened on the A14 bypass in Kettering, Northamptonshire, on August 2 last year.

The vehicle she is said to have been driving is a bronze diesel Range Rover registered in 2010.

Mum-of-five Price was charged by summons and pleaded not guilty to both offences last Friday.

She will face trial at Northampton Magistrates’ Court on March 12.

Price has already had 19 brushes with the law over her driving.

Last month, we revealed she had been ordered to pay £398 in fines and costs after being convicted of speeding and driving a motor vehicle otherwise than in accordance with a licence.

She broke the 70mph limit on a dual carriageway in a black Infiniti FX50.

The offences happened on July 13 last year – three months after her December 2021 ban for flipping her BMW X5 after an all-night booze and cocaine bender was lifted.

Price was clocked breaking the limit by manned equipment on the A417 near South Cerney, Gloucestershire.

The area is around 18 miles from National Star College in Cheltenham, which her son Harvey, 21, attends.

Price was given three penalty points for the speeding offence and fined £220.

She was also ordered to pay an £88 victim surcharge and costs of £90.

Her case took place under a closed single justice procedure hearing at Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court on November 21.

She was given until December 19 to pay the fees and was not given any further penalty for the other offence.

Eight days after the July 13 offences, police seized Price’s Range Rover in Worthing, West Sussex, after officers suspected she had been driving without insurance or a valid licence.

Price was given her licence back last April after undertaking a drink-drive reduction course which saw her ban slashed by 24 weeks.

However she was reported to have had her licence medically revoked weeks later.

Sussex Police said at the time of the seizure incident: “Officers responded to a report of a motorist driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and driving without insurance at Sompting Road roundabout, Worthing, shortly before 6pm on Friday, July 21.

“A 45-year-old woman was spoken to, and a Range Rover was seized under Section 165(a) of the Road Traffic Act.”

In December 2021, Price avoided jail on a legal technicality after flipping her BMW in Partridge Green, West Sussex, at 6am on September 28 that year.

Typically, repeat offenders like Price – who has had multiple brushes with the law over motoring offences since 2003 – face a minimum of 12 weeks in prison.

But because she went to The Priory rehab clinic and complied with a deferral, her sentence was slashed to below the custody threshold.

She was instead given a two-year driving ban plus a 16-week sentence, suspended for 12 months, after admitting driving while disqualified, without insurance and while unfit through drink.

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Katie is heading back to court next month


Katie is heading back to court next monthCredit: 2022 Getty Images

Everything you need to know about Katie Price

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