Federal judge in Florida to decide what happens in legal battle over FBI raid at Trump estate

Many people have their attention on a federal judge in Florida as she’ll decide what happens next in the legal battle over the FBI raid at the Florida estate of former President Donald Trump.

The former president wants an outside third party to review the documents that were taken from his home back on Aug. 8.

The request for a special master might slow the FBI’s investigation but would not stop it.

The judge heard arguments Thursday (Sept. 1) afternoon but decided she would not issue a ruling from the bench.

Instead, she’s working on a written decision that she said would be released in due course. That could mean later Thursday, Friday, or even further down the road.

Attorneys for Trump have argued the Justice Department needs more oversight to prevent leaks of possible protected information.


The Justice Department says it’s already had neutral agents go through the documents and set aside material that could be classified as privileged.

Right now, we’re waiting to see how quickly the judge’s written ruling will be filed and made public.

The whole battle centers on documents the Justice Department says are classified as being taken to Mar-a-Lago.

Trump argues he’s done nothing wrong.

No matter what happens with the special master, the investigation continues.

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