Developing Legal Writing Skills Masterclass

Suitable for solicitors, legal executives and all staff in the legal profession, this masterclass aims to demonstrate good formal writing skills by analysing participants’ personal writing style.

About the workshop

Through a series of exercises participants will develop techniques to ensure they deliver clear and formal written communications.

Solicitors and legal professionals need to master a variety of writing styles from instructing counsel to basic informational emails as well as advice on complex subjects. The techniques outlined in this workshop will examine these different writing styles. Some of the key areas will include:

  • clear English that presents information that is easy to understand but remains formal rather than casual,

  • concise language that uses the minimum amount of words,

  • identifying how jargon and technical language negatively influences written clarity, and

  • understanding how your audience will be impacted by your writing style


Edward Donelan is Adjunct Professor of Regulatory Governance, University College Dublin. He has worked with governments worldwide as a specialist in legislative drafting and developing regulatory governance and regulatory management. This work has included policy making, legislative drafting, public consultation, Regulatory Impact Assessment and managing stocks of legislation. He has been a speaker and trainer of legislative drafting at seminars and workshops in over 30 countries. His latest book is Policy – Making, Law Drafting and Managing the Stock of Legislation in the 21st Century (published by Palgrave Macmillan May 2022).

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The workshop will take place on Wednesday 15 March 2023, from 9.30am – 4.30pm in-person at the Law Society of Ireland.

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