5 Companies with Professional Academic Writers in the US

Academic writing services are available to help students with written assignments. Find out what you should know before you choose one.

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Writing isn’t something everyone is good at. So many styles exist and there are rules to follow. These are the reasons behind the development of academic writing services.

Academic writing companies employ professional academic writers to help students of all levels develop their writing skills and produce essays, research papers, and other written assignments. These companies help ensure students get the help they need to achieve high grades on all kinds of academic writing projects.

In this article, we’re exploring five companies with professional academic writers in the U.S. Keep reading to see which academic essay writing services make the cut and how we made our picks.

Academic Writing Service Reviews

Now let’s dive into some of the companies out there providing the best academic writing services online. We’ll tell you what we like, what we don’t like, and what you should know before choosing an essay service for your needs.

#1. EssayPro

EssayPro is an academic writing website that helps students as much or as little as they desire. You can get everything from a quick proofreading all the way to an entire paper written with this company. They promise high quality, originality, and quick turnaround.

Quality: EssayPro has been in business for more than 10 years and part of the online market for more than seven. Their website boasts more than 1.5 million happy customers. You don’t get that without high quality work. There is also a fairly generous refund policy in place so customers know there is recourse if something goes wrong.

Prices: Pricing for services is determined by what you need done. EssayPro provides professional academic writing help for less than many of the other reputable writing companies. Full essays start at a price of $11.80 per page. Average prices hover closer to $20 per page.

Reputation: EssayPro has a good reputation. One of the aspects many users like is that they have the option to vet professional paper writers and choose the one they want. EssayPro is highly transparent about how they do things and who is writing the papers. They’re known for good responsiveness, good value, and timeliness.

Writers: This company has amassed a team of writers of more than 1,400. That means, if you’re looking for a specific type of writer, you’ll find it. Customers can see what expertise each professional writer has, their credentials, reviews from prior customers, and more. EssayPro also puts their qualified academic writers through a series of test projects before deciding to bring them on.

In terms of the four categories we just mentioned, EssayPro is one of the best companies in the business. They have a great reputation with the majority of their customers coming back. They produce high quality work for reasonable prices. And they have a wide variety of essay writers for any type of project.

#2. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is another popular academic writing service that works on a smaller scale than EssayPro. The company has built a reputation for writers who are great with time management. PaperHelp hires highly qualified writers who have more than just a degree behind them.

Quality: Users of this company have many good things to say about their services. They have a quality rating of 90%+ in terms of happy customers. 88% of their users are repeat customers. If you don’t like something about your finished college essay, you will get free revisions until it’s to your liking. Also, all writing is 100% original.

Prices: Pricing for PaperHelp is based on the type of paper, the level of the writer, the turnaround time, the number of pages, and any additions, such as abstracts. High school papers start as low as $10 per page. However, the higher level papers could cost upwards of $30 per page.

Reputation: PaperHelp has an excellent reputation. They’re one of the leaders in the industry. They’ve been around for quite a while and have many customers that come back for more. They offer plagiarism reports, free revisions, and proofreading/editing services that are cheap and quick.

Writers: This company requires their writers to provide samples of their work. They test them and only hire pro academic writers who’ve proven themselves to be highly skilled and good with time management. They place essay writers in different categories based on their levels of skill so users can choose the best fit for their academic writing needs.

Overall, PaperHelp is a good option for almost any type of writing assignment and at any level. You will likely end up paying more for the higher level writing with them than you would with other companies, but you’ll get what you pay for. They produce high quality work that college students can trust.

#3. JustDoMyEssay

JustDoMyEssay is an academic writing company that puts strong emphasis on putting the customer at the center of everything. They strive to provide original and high quality work but also to give each customer an extraordinary experience. They offer all levels of papers from basic to advanced and even business writing.

Quality: Users rave about the originality of the work they get back. There are no pre-written papers handed out by JustDoMyEssay. Professional academic writers take in all the information you give them and craft an academic paper that’s well written and researched.

Prices: This platform is a bit costlier than many of the others. Papers start at $17 per page. Proofreading is about $10 per every 300 words. Though the prices start higher, most user reviews reflect the end product is worth it.

Reputation: JustDoMyEssay has been around for about a decade. They’ve built a solid reputation in this industry. Not only are they known for high quality work, they also have a highly responsive customer support team. In the event you’re not happy with the paper, your writer will make necessary revisions and there’s a money-back guarantee in place, as well.

Writers: The writers are all college educated and have plenty of experience. The company has about 500 of them. Before your project gets started, you have the opportunity to speak to your online paper writer privately. It allows you to vet your writer on a deeper level.

JustDoMyEssay is a popular custom essay writing service. The company employs experienced writers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. They are rated high for quality and timeliness. They meet deadlines and the customer service team responds to inquiries quickly, so students don’t need to worry about having assignments completed in time.

#4. SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper is another essay writing company, especially if you’re working on a tight deadline. This company promises to get you the paper you need even if you only have hours left until turn in time.

Quality: SpeedyPaper writers work until you’re happy with your paper. If something isn’t quite right, they will revise it. The company also offers a money-back guarantee, so you get peace of mind knowing you have options. This company has nearly 100,000 reviews from happy customers.

Prices: SpeedyPaper bases prices largely on turnaround time. They have tiers of pricing based on how quickly you need the paper back and what level the assignment is. The more time you have to wait for your paper, the cheaper your order will be. High school papers with 20+ days until they’re due start at $9 per page.

Reputation: This company hasn’t been around as long as some of the others in this list but they’ve built a solid, positive reputation. They employ thousands of writers to make good on their deadlines without compromising quality or customer service.

Writers: SpeedyPaper finds their writers on platforms such as LinkedIn. They have a process that allows them to vet writers on their backgrounds and lets them see what kind of writing they’re experienced in. The best essay writers on the platform are also paid well based on their levels of experience and writing skills. The philosophy is that well-paid writers produce high quality work.

SpeedyPaper lives up to its name in that they deliver on the promise that you will get your paper in a timely manner every time. The prices are reasonable and this company has so many writers that you can order any type of paper there is and they have someone who’s skills can accommodate.

#5. GradeMiners

GradeMiners has built their reputation off a strong promise of quality work. They have many processes in place that all lend to getting customers the high level of quality writing they’re looking for. This company has one of the largest teams of writers in the industry who are all dedicated to helping people achieve their goals.

Quality: GradeMiners promises you won’t have to accept a paper you’re not happy with. The writers don’t stop revising until you’re satisfied or you decide you want a refund. They provide professional level writing in many categories. You can order for all levels of education, as well as business needs. This company also provides high level editing and proofreading services.

Prices: The pricing is in line with many of their competitors. Your price will go up based on the turnaround time, the length of the assignment, and the level of expertise needed to write it. A basic essay starts at around $8 per page and it goes up from there.

Reputation: GradeMiners has a good reputation in this area. Many of their customers come back for more orders once they see the good grades generated by their original purchases. This company is known for original writing and they prove it through plagiarism checks. They have professional editors that review every paper before it goes out. You can also opt into a double edit-check.

Writers: All of GradeMiners’ writers have 3 years professional writing experience, at a minimum. They’re all college graduates and most have graduate degrees, as well. The writers will revise anything you don’t like, so you walk away with a paper you’re proud of.

GradeMiners has the largest team of the best academic writers out of all the companies we’ve discussed above. They’ve also been around longer than many similar companies. They were established in 2009. Though the business has evolved along the way, the goal to help students be successful in their educational journeys has remained the same.

What Are Academic Paper Writing Services?

Let’s start with a broad overview of what online academic writing services are. These aren’t just services that take the work off the student. These are meant to make the student a better writer, too, if that’s what they’re looking for.

Writing companies hire professional writers that help students fine tune their writing. They can assist with development of a research paper, help with a thesis, outlining an essay, structuring a paper, understanding of writing styles, grammar and spelling, and more.

These writing services can also provide full written assignments for those who wish to pay for that. Not all websites that prove academic writing assistance are good quality, though. So, you’ll want to do your research when you’re planning to trust a company to write for you.

Here’s How We Evaluated These Companies

We used four areas of consideration to evaluate these academic writing services. They are:

  • Quality

  • Price

  • Reputation

  • Writers

Looking at each company with regards to the same factors allows for easier comparisons. You can choose the right academic service for you based on specific needs. For instance, if you need a service that is able to produce assignments within hours, SpeedyPaper has some of the fastest turnaround times on the market.

You shouldn’t choose a company based on just one factor, though. Look at all of the areas, together. You may find the cheapest service on the internet, but if the company lacks quality writers and has a bad reputation for timeliness, it will be a waste of money. Price is important but it’s not the only important factor.


The following are questions that come up quite often in discussions about academic writing services. Read on for more useful information about these kinds of companies.

What Is an Academic Writing Service and How Does It Work?

Academic essay writing services help students who struggle with writing assignments by providing an option to order what they need. Whether it be an entire paper that needs ordering or some good editing, these companies provide their services in whatever capacity is needed.

Generally, you go into the order form for the website. You select the level you need and the turnaround time. Usually, the faster the turnaround is, the more it will cost you. You’ll provide all the information you have for the assignment and any research or notes you have of your own.

Some companies allow customers to have time to talk to their writers for a better understanding of what you are looking for.

Once the paper is completed, it’s usually sent through editing before it’s delivered to you. You may have the option to have multiple revisions, if needed, as well.

What Is the Best Academic Writing Service?

The best essay writing site for you may not be the same as someone else would say. This is because we don’t all have the same needs. We’re writing at different levels and have all sorts of different assignments covering various topics.

That being said, there is one that fits the bill for an overall best service. PaperHelp is our overall winner for best academic writing service. The company has a great reputation and most of its customers are repeat buyers.

There is a loyalty program offered, a satisfaction guarantee, an expert editing team, and much more for users to rave about. This is our pick for the best combination of benefits provided.

How Much Does an Academic Writing Page Cost?

The price per page of your order depends on what you’re having written. A basic essay page isn’t going to cost nearly as much as a page for a thesis. This is how a typical paper writing service breaks its prices down, though. You’ll find a per page price for each level.

The level isn’t the only determining factor of the price, however. If you need a paper written by the next day, you will pay more than for a paper due in three weeks. You pay more for a shorter timeline.

Specialized topics will also cost more per page. Let’s say you have a highly technical paper that needs writing. Not all writers are skilled in writing technical essays. This type of specialized writing may raise the price you pay per page, as well.

Many services start their prices around $8 to $10 per page for basic, high school level essays.

Can You Get Caught Using Essay Writing Services?

There is a risk involved with using an essay writing service. You can minimize your risk, though, by being diligent in your quest to choose a reputable one.

When you search academic writing services, you’ll find some that are extremely inexpensive. You may think you’ve found an incredible deal, but the truth is, if it’s too good to be true, it most likely is.

Cheap services exist all over the Internet. The problem with these is they’re not usually selling original work. Most of these companies are working with a limited bank of stored papers plagiarized from several different sources. They choose papers to deliver to you based on what information you give them but don’t actually write anything themselves.

Other services hire inexperienced writers or people who’s native language is something other than English. They do this so they can pay them little and work them a lot. They do not have any type of revision plan, nor do they offer refunds.

Should you get caught by your school, the penalty is usually quite severe. Many schools use detection software to scan for plagiarism and errors. If you use a reputable academic writing help service like the ones in this article, you won’t have to worry about getting caught.

What Types of Papers Do Academic Writing Companies Provide?

Different companies may offer different types of papers. Generally, there are some basic academic papers that most of these companies offer. They include:

  • Essays

  • Research

  • Summaries

  • Opinion papers

  • Reviews

  • Methodologies

Some services break away from the basics, though, and get into more specialized paper writing. You can order Ph.D level assignments. You can get help with your thesis, dissertations, college entrance papers, and more.

There are also companies that offer writing for beyond school. If you do your research, you can find some professional academic writing services that provide business writing, as well.

Are Essay Writing Companies Legal?

Companies providing academic essay writing services are legal. There are some ethical guidelines they must follow. There are also laws governing plagiarism and content ownership that these companies must abide by to operate legally.

Services selling plagiarized content are not operating legally. This is why it’s so important that you research companies before you order anything from them.

Reputable essay writing companies abide by all laws and have strict ethical guidelines in place so they may continue to assist students in their academic careers.

How Much Do Academic Writers Make?

The answer to this question depends highly on the writers themselves. Academic writers may be employed by writing services like the companies in this article, or they may find work as freelance writers.

Some academic writers only do their writing as a side gig to supplement income alongside their full time jobs. They make anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand per month.

Full time academic writers often make much more. Some of the top earners make close to $80,000 a year. This is just an average, though. There are plenty of academic writers making well above the average and some who don’t make as much.

Academic Writing Assistance: Final Thoughts

Professional writing services evolved out of a need for help. Many students struggle with writing assignments even if they are good with the class subject. All these companies help students, who otherwise have impressive grades, sustain them even when they’re not good writers.

Legit writing services provide high quality original work in a timely manner. You can get your papers edited, proofread, revised, and rewritten, as well.

Many reputable companies provide academic writing services of high quality, at a decent price. Beware, though, of other websites selling plagiarized and duplicated papers to students in need. Be diligent in selecting the right service for your needs.

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