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When it comes to Christmas movies, The Holiday has a lot to answer for

Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law in the interminable Christmassy non-treat ‘The Holiday’ (Universal/iStock)

Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law in the interminable Christmassy non-treat ‘The Holiday’ (Universal/iStock)

Christmas – the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – has gifted humanity some truly awful stuff over the past 2,022 years. Bitterly boiled sprouts. Brexit arguments around the dinner table. Mrs Brown’s Boys specials. But very few reach the depths of the festive season’s most cringe-inducing nadir: the sight and sound of Cameron Diaz in the 2006 romantic comedy The Holiday belting out a drunken rendition of The Killers’ “Mr Brightside”.

Ordinarily, that’s the exclusive domain of beered-up dads, and usually an expression of having no discernible taste in music. In The Holiday, it’s an expression of a sister doing it for herself in a man-free zone – until Jude Law appears at the door and gives a wounded, single-dad sob story. At which point Diaz’s scorned sister realises that she needs a man after all.

Yes, welcome to The Holiday, an interminable Christmassy non-treat (all two hours and 16 minutes of it) in which two heartbroken women – Diaz’s movie trailer producer, Amanda, and Kate Winslet’s doe-eyed Daily Telegraph journalist, Iris – swap homes for Christmas. (“Are there any men in your town?” “Zero.” “When can I come?”). Inevitably, they find love on opposite sides of the pond: Amanda with pseudo-complicated Graham, played by Law, in the British countryside; and Iris with irritatingly innocent movie composer Miles, played by Jack Black, in glitzy LA. “I like corny,” says Iris. Which is just as well, really.

The Holiday has somehow become a perennial telly favourite at Christmastime (switch on ITV4 at this very second, The Holiday is almost certainly on). Sure, so have stinkers like Santa Claus: The Movie and Jingle All the Way, but The Holiday

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Jude Law’s daughter in the ‘The Holiday’ recreated key scenes from the Christmas movie in a nostalgic TikTok clip

<a href=miffy englefield the holiday” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTcwNTtoPTM1Mw–/″/

Miffy Englefield was six years old when she played the role of Sophie in “The Holiday.”Columbia Pictures

  • Miffy Englefield played the eldest daughter of Jude Law’s character in the movie “The Holiday.”

  • Englefield posted a TikTok video on Saturday of her revisiting the village the movie was filmed in.

  • In the video, Englefield recreates famous scenes from the movie and shares anecdotes from the time.

The actor who played Jude Law’s daughter in the 2006 Christmas classic “The Holiday” shared a video of herself going back to the village the movie was filmed.

Miffy Englefield was six years old when she played the role of Sophie in the movie, which also starred Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black.

The actor, now 24, posted the TikTok clip on December 24, showing her walking through the town of Shere in Surrey, England, with her father and two-year-old daughter, and pointing out the places featured in the movie.

Englefield showed her followers a store that she said was featured in an unreleased scene and went to a local museum that included facts about the movie.

She also recreated iconic scenes from “The Holiday,” running across the same bridge that Diaz did at the end of the movie, and going for lunch at the White Horse pub, where Diaz’s character meets Law’s character for a date.


The video, which was captioned “a trip down memory lane,” received over 640,000 views. Many viewers commented that seeing Englefield as an adult with a small daughter made them “feel old,” and expressed their fondness for the movie, with many saying they had watched it that day.

Englefield began acting to help her family financially, she told Vulture in 2020, adding that not long before filming started they had

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Woman who played Jude Law’s daughter in The Holiday still gets weird comments from ‘gross old men’

The actor who played Jude Law’s daughter in the festive flick The Holiday still receives creepy comments from old men about the role.

Miffy Englefield was just six years old when she appeared on screen as Sophie alongside Law, but now she’s 23 and even has a child of her own. You can see her response to the comments she gets here:

​​Posting on TikTok Englefield – who posts under @miffz_ – wrote: “When gross old men say things like ‘I’m so glad you are still as cute as you were in The Holiday’ to me.

“Relating how I looked as a child to how I look as a grown a** woman makes me all kinds of creeped out idk.” Yep, it’s pretty damn creepy if you ask me.

The Holiday, which was released back in 2006, centred around LA-based movie trailer producer Amanda Woods (played by Cameron Diaz) and Brit columnist Iris Simpkins – with both their lives not exactly going how they’d hoped the pair agree to swap homes for the holidays.

Miffy Englefield in The Holiday. Credit: Universal
Miffy Englefield in The Holiday. Credit: Universal

Once in their new, temporary homes, Amanda meets Iris’s handsome brother Graham (played by Jude Law) a widow with two young daughters Sophie (played by Englefield) and Olivia (played by Emma Pritchard – and sparks soon fly.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, Iris finds herself falling for Hollywood film composer Miles Dumont (played by Jack Black). Cue the festive feel good vibes.

Despite the odd weird comment from people old enough to know better, Englefield has previously said it was ‘amazing’ to be a part of the movie.

“Every time it is on telly – and it is a lot – I crack up. It’s on Netflix now too.

Miffy Englefield starred in the film when she was just six. Credit: TikTok/@miffyz_
Miffy Englefield starred in the
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Natalie Portman and Jude Law talk celebrity at ‘Vox Lux’ premiere

News Agency


Portman attends the premiere of ‘Vox Lux’ on Wednesday (December 5) in which she plays a brattish pop star with a troubled past. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

News Agency


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Grab Mr. Napkin Head and See Jude Law’s The Holiday Daughter All Grown Up

Seeing the actress who played Jude Law‘s daughter Sophie in The Holiday will make you feel totally old in the best way possible.

Miffy Englefield has come a long way from requesting Mr. Napkin Head at the table. The British child star is all grown up, as seen in a new TikTok shared to her profile.

Miffy, now 23, dons a pretty rad punk aesthetic and she has a 2-year-old daughter of her own named Frances.

In her recent TikTok, Miffy, who left the acting industry after her role in the 2011 film Beautiful Enough, shared whether or not she would be interested in returning to the character Sophie for a sequel of The Holiday. As she put it, “I would never say no.”

Not that the opportunity has presented itself.

“Loads of articles were circling around saying that there was gonna be a sequel to The Holiday,” Miffy said. “Unfortunately, this was just a rumor that spiraled very quickly. It isn’t a thing.”

holiday-revealed/” data-ylk=”slk:15 Secrets About The Holiday Revealed” class=”link “15 Secrets About The Holiday Revealed

And if her word on the rumors isn’t enough, fans can take it from the woman behind the film herself. After all, writer-director Nancy Meyers squashed those hopes. Sharing a screenshot of an article about the alleged sequel on her Instagram, she wrote, “So many DM’s about this – sorry but it’s not true.”

The Holiday, Miffy Englefield

Instagram;Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Indeed, a second installment of The Holiday would be quite the gift. And, it’s likely safe to say we aren’t the only ones who feel that way. Just ask Cameron Diaz.

“People look at Nancy’s movies as a statement, in a way,” Cameron told Vulture in 2020. “It’s set in the real world, but

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The Holiday cast are not reuniting for a sequel, director confirms

It’s sad news for those who wanted to see Mr Napkin Head make his return to the silver screen, as The Holiday isn’t getting a sequel. At least for now.

Tabloid reports yesterday (6th December) claimed that the original cast, made up of Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black, would be reuniting 17 years after The Holiday was first released – and became a festive hit.

But the 2006 film‘s writer and director Nancy Meyers confirmed that the news wasn’t true in an Instagram post. “So many DM’s about this – sorry but it’s not true,” she wrote.

Speaking at the premiere of Avatar: The Way of Water, Winslet also denied the rumours.

“I was almost like, hang on, who’s planning all of this because no one’s ever consulted me,” she told ET. “No, as far as I know, it’s not true.”

However, she did suggest she would be interested in continuing the story if a sequel ever did happen.

“It would be so fun to see Miles and Iris get back together,” she said. “I kind of imagine, how cute would their children be?”

For now, it sounds like we won’t be seeing how American movie trailer producer Amanda (Diaz) and English columnist Iris (Winslet) got on after swapping their homes one fateful Christmas – and ended up falling in love with Jude Law’s widower editor and Jack Black’s film composer respectively.

However, we can always hope, especially since Cameron Diaz has returned to acting after retiring in 2008.

The film certainly seemed to suggest the couples found happiness despite the many miles separating them, so we can certainly hold on to that in the meantime.

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‘Sorry but It’s Not True’

Nancy Meyers, THE HOLIDAY, Nancy Meyers 2006 USA, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law

Nancy Meyers, THE HOLIDAY, Nancy Meyers 2006 USA, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law

Anthony Harvey/Getty, Alamy Stock Photo Nancy Meyers; Cameron Diaz and Jude Law in The Holiday (2006)

Sorry, fans of The Holiday — there’s no sequel currently in development.

nancy-meyers-teases-movie-reunion/” data-ylk=”slk:Nancy Meyers” class=”link “Nancy Meyers, who wrote and directed the 2006 Christmas-set romantic comedy, shut down rumors of an imminent second installment on Tuesday.

“So many DM’s about this — sorry but it’s not true. ❤️,” wrote Meyers, 72, on Instagram alongside a screen grab from an article reporting that a sequel was getting made with the original main cast all returning: Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black.

Among the comments from those crushed at the news was one from Katie Couric, who left a broken-heart emoji.

Kate Winslet, who’s currently promoting Avatar: The Way of Water, also shut down the rumor to PEOPLE, saying, “I read something about that, but it’s the first I’ve heard of it. I promise you not an agent or a representative or anyone from the first one around has had any conversation with me about that. Hand on heart, that’s never come up.”

Meyers’ denial comes days after a performance of The Holiday in Concert in London, which the filmmaker was unable to attend but shared a video from to her Instagram Story Monday.

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In The Holiday, heartbroken movie-trailer producer Amanda (Diaz, 50) offers up her Los Angeles mansion in order to

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Kate Winslet Addresses ‘The Holiday’ Sequel Rumors With Jack Black, Cameron Diaz And Jude Law

winslet.jpg?w=1100&f=73e4f679d5f8eef321920cb4496cbcb3 1100w”Kate Winslet
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – DECEMBER 05: Kate Winslet attends SFFILM’s 60th Anniversary Awards Night at Palace of Fine Arts Theatre on December 5, 2017 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by C Flanigan/Getty Images)
Photo by C Flanigan/Getty Images


  • Kate Winslet said the rumor that “The Holiday” is getting a sequel is not true
  • Winslet added that it would be fun to see her character Iris and Jack Black’s Miles get back together
  • The “Titanic” actress acknowledged the fandom that still surrounds the 2006 Christmas classic

Kate Winslet is shutting down rumors of “The Holiday” getting a sequel.

Winslet, 47, addressed the rumors that “The Holiday 2” is allegedly going into production next year during an interview this week at the U.K. premiere of her upcoming movie, “Avatar: The Way of Water.” However, her update might disappoint fans who are expecting a follow-up to the 2006 Christmas classic.

“As far as I know, it’s not true,” the “Titanic” star told Entertainment Tonight, adding that “no one’s ever consulted” her about a sequel reuniting her with her “The Holiday” co-stars Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black.

“I know, sadly it’s not true,” she continued. “It would be so fun to see Miles and Iris get back together. I kind of imagine, like, how cute would their children be? …Tiny Jack Blacks running around everywhere.”

In the movie, Winslet played Iris, a Daily Telegraph columnist who swaps houses with Amanda (Diaz) and spends Christmas in Los Angeles. There, she meets a film composer named Miles (Black), while Amanda strikes a romance with Iris’ dashing brother Graham (Law). The movie ends with Miles asking Iris out on a date for New Year’s Eve before she kisses him.

The film was a huge success and

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Want to feel really old? Jude Law’s cute kid from The Holiday looks totally unrecognisable… and she’s had a baby

YOU’LL remember her as Jude Law’s adorable daughter Sophie in Christmas classic The Holiday.

But now Fabulous can reveal Miffy Englefield is all grown up – and had a baby in lockdown. 

Miffy was just six when she starred in The Holiday


Miffy was just six when she starred in The HolidayCredit: Universal
Miffy, Alex and baby Frankie


Miffy, Alex and baby FrankieCredit: miffyenglefield/Instagram

Miffy, 23, who lives in Littlehampton, West Sussex, with her partner, drummer Alex Whivley-Conway, 26, became a mum to baby girl Frankie on April 23, 2020. 

“She arrived at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester three days early after 21 hours of labour,” said Miffy. “Then my temperature soared, doctors realised I had an infection and I was rushed for a c-section.

“I was pumped full of antibiotics and kept in hospital for two days. Alex was only able to visit me for two hours a day. 

“It was really scary and because I’m a bit punky and so young I think people judged me… I should have shown them my IMDB page and told them I starred in a film with Cameron Diaz!” 

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Miffy was just six when she stole the hearts of viewers after bagging a role in The Holiday, starring alongside Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Emma Pritchard who played her on-screen sister.

The touching rom-com – which The Sun revealed is getting a sequel starring its original quartet – has quickly become as much a part of Christmas as mince pies and present-stuffed stockings.

In the movie, highly-strung Amanda, played by Cameron, strikes up a surprising romance with cheeky chappy Graham, played by Jude.

Amanda starts to suspect Graham of sleeping with other women when she overhears him on the phone but it transpires that he is actually just the father to Sophie and Emma.

“It was amazing being in

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